Seal My Fate-Belly

They really screwed the marketing of this album. This was right about when “alternative” was just turning into penis rock only like everything usually does. So long ago. Came across an unlabeled mp3 on the ol’ computer and it was this track from an old mix CD. A stunner.

This is the ITV Chart Show from July 1995, Belly gets the last three minutes.

2 Responses to “Seal My Fate-Belly”

  • AAHHHHHH! I love this song! I love Belly! I can tell you that Belly was at the top of the charts at our college apartment!!

    What a great day!

  • I think this was the “let’s try and see if we can sell a bunch of albums” album. I feel like they were kind of going through the motions on a few songs.

    That said, I like it a lot better than the first one. Mostly all good, whereas the first one was kind of hit and miss. But I think the first three songs on the side one and the first two on side two are maybe five of the best seven songs across the two albums.

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