The Mountain (Live)-Heartless Bastards

We’ve loved Heartless Bastards for quite a bit, but ZRM gives us their newest, out very soon I think. Check it out at his place.

Interestingly the band is an entirely new lineup, save the lead singer, after the breakup of a long-term relationship within the band.

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  • now I did not know any of that about the band changes.

    In factorisssimo, I was not even sure about the singer’s gender until I saw the viddy.

    All I did was that the song set up sympathetic vibrations in my brain. And soul.

    The new release is available on eMusic RIGHT NOWNOWNOW. and I used up allowance rather than filling out my Cramps collection.

    That’s the only endorsement I can give.

  • Do you have their first two?

    I like their last one the best. I’m getting the other one now.

    We need to have an EMUsic pow wow because I never know what to get and you have a giant list.

  • Also, the vocals sound like Karla Bozulich of the Geraldine Fibbers. A plus in my ears…

    This is the first I’ve heard of them. Maybe that’s why the Mountain trips my branes so much, no preconceptions to play against. The rest of the new one sounds a bit diff.

  • rm, we have of course previously posted an awesome Heartless Bastards song right here at song of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It is awesome BTW.

  • of course you did.

    I was probably off disrupting a Sadly No thread….

    I listened to this song again on the way to work today. I love it more.

    I’ve got a few emusic dls left. Maybe I’ll start with one of the prior releases…

  • just don’t tell me they were on the P-Forkers list….


    “Valley of Debris” is also awesome.

  • What, still no other comments?


  • hey, as long as nobody else is here…

    [fap fap fap fap fap squirt]

    O well, they’ll just blame it on Chuckles….

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I resisted going to the home of ZRM (NSF-UC) to listen to this, but I am oh so curious, and he did ask for the Bullsies opinions after all. My take on it is that I love the high guitar stuff but I don’t love the singing. Very good, but perhaps too lo-fi for me. I would listen online, but not buy the song.

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