Come Into My Sleep – Nick Cave and Bad Seeds

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not much of a Nick Cave fan. I’ve got nothing against him personally. He actually seems like a pretty cool guy, but for whatever reason, I’ve just never found most of his stuff very appealing (I should note that I do like Grant Lee Phillips’ cover of City of Refuge that appeared on his Nineteeneighties album, which sounds much different than Nick Cave’s original). I don’t believe I own anything by him.

But about 10-12 years ago, a friend of mine made a mix tape for a bunch of people. It actually had some really good stuff on it (Soul Coughing, the Seahorses, Eric Matthews, Texas…), but this song stood out as probably my favorite song on the tape. Someone apparently made a video for it and stuck it on Youtube. I really like the Xyolophone line and the little groove it supplies.

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  • I mostly ignored Cave for a long time too.

    Then Murder Ballads came out.

    Cave may not be everybody’s cup o tea, but holy hell that album makes an impression. Harrowing is the word I always use. Plus a stellar cast of supporting musicians.

  • This post made me pull up Murder Ballads on the iPod.

    “Stagger Lee” is making the effing hair stand up on my head.

    Followed by a duet with PJ Harvey.

    Holy Hell, indeed.

  • Anyone ever notice that whenever I comment on these music posts, nobody else ever does?

    I feel like everyone is ostracizing zombies.

    Zombie Music Thread-Killer!! BLLARRRRGGGH!!!!!

  • It’s a B-Side for “Are You the One I’ve Been Waiting For” according to the youtube description.

    I figured PP or UC would comment, but I think PP is incommunicado for a bit.

  • Nice review and comments. I’m a disciple and have been using Nick Cave to understand my life for decades. This song is such a good example of what happens. We love and live with a person for years, see them everyday and all day on weekends for years until the breakup, when you can’t even talk to each other, and then it happens. You come into my sleep, where we continue the relationship over the rest of our life. How fucked up is that? And how brilliant of Nick to notice.

  • fp- good to see you and great comment. That is very touching.

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