Between the Rent and Me-Snowden

A certain propulsive urgency. I like especially that it doesn’t feel overdone. Kind of like melodic retro-post punk. I wonder if the case can be made to have a certain amount of faith and get the entire album. This is a pretty good live version (the album version is on their 2006 LP Anti-Anti). This track was brought to my attention by Pandora.

2 Responses to “Between the Rent and Me-Snowden”

  • I love the bass.

    Will let you know about the rest of the album.

    “Album” heh. What does that mean to a digital download?

    BTW, they are on Chicago label Touch and Go, which is a recommendation all by its own self.

  • Initial response; not so bad shoegazey. Sisters is pretty good.

    Sounds like the kind of thing that just passes you by for a few listens, then suddenly sucks you in unexpectedly. Some songs would be good in a Rescue Me episode.

    I still like the bass.

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