Michael-Knock Knock

Sactown bar band power poppers. Pandora popped this one out a couple of times, and I was first struck by a little bit of Wrens-y “Surprise Honeycomb” guitar weaving through, but then the boy/girl double tracking popped in and the woo-ooh-oohs and I just thought it was quality Spring-time pop. It builds toward the end. For some unclear reason I am reminded of Imperial Teen. Also, I am intrigued by the mystery of why Mr. Michael seems so guilty.

2 Responses to “Michael-Knock Knock”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    It is totally Imperial Teeny. I liked it, but I thought that without a killer hook to build from the very respectable exposition, it couldn’t worm its way into my head. Repetitive, but not in the awesome way.

  • You need to listen a couple of times. I just want it to get to the end- the good parts. It has grown on me.

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