Car Radio-Spoon

Pandora birthed this effortless Spoon guitar triumphalism it’s so easy everything is perfect we are Spoon suck it talentless audience were are awesome Spoon who are you you are sad yeah I am but Spoon doesn’t even break a sweat it is so easy hey want to be pals really yeah wow you we be pals with me yeah we are Spoon we love everyone doesn’t everyone?

WARNING: Fan video.

NOTE: They won me over with the ol’ glass of milk gambit. Plus Spoon.

1 Response to “Car Radio-Spoon”

  • This just came up on my ipod this morning walking to work. I really wish they would dip more into Series of Sneaks and Telephono when they play in concert. I think they’ve played one song from Telephono in all the shows I’ve seen in the last five years or so.

    By the way, these guys sped this way up. It’s at least a few seconds faster on this video.

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