Poker Face-Lady Gaga


Item the first: it seems abundantly clear that fish is not immune to the charms of this. And by fish, I mean fish. And by I mean fish, I mean fish and also maybe myself.

Item the second: she is rocking a blue, zardoesque number that cannot but charm Sir Jen.

It is a window roller-upper no doubt, but it is also a lonely car robot, wherein I do the robot to the song by myself in the car.

10 Responses to “Poker Face-Lady Gaga”

  • I spent weeks overhearing this blaring from various public sound systems, like at the ice cream shop. I had no idea what it was saying, but the refrain was so catchy it was driving me mad. I couldn’t even Google the lyrics because I didn’t know them. Then finally I sat down one evening and went through the playlist of my local top-whatever station one by one, until I found it. And then I realized how…Zardozian it was, to say the least.

    But it is so very very catchy.

  • Yeah, that is why fish sings along in his fishcar!!!!!!!

  • I guess I’m the only person on earth who just flat-out hates this song. In any gay bar with a juke box, every third song is Poker Face, and it makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

  • Why am I not surprised at either of the two things above.

  • Funny, my reaction was the exact opposite of Mandos (perhaps not so funny as predictable). The song totally had me chugging along until it got to the refrain, then it totally fell off the cliff into a sea of nasty cheeze whiz. Now I will whiz on it.

  • Lady Gaga has to be my favorite singer these days. She has a very good sense of fashion, a Mezzo Soprano voice and some freakin dance moves.

  • I am still laughing at the top comment on the youtuber page, which I will get to in a minute, but first I will address all of your concerns in the order in which they appear.

    Mandos: I would totally understand your predicament if I 1) went to ice cream parlors, malls, or shopping establishments, 2) did not drown out all crowd noise with my unceasing lecture, 3) ever left my apartment.

    Res: I completely understand your predicament, as I am a former Johnny Cash fan who has been burned by the fact that Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, and Don’t Stop Believin’ play every other song on the jukebox at my place of employment.

    Pinko: I completely understand your lonely robotism, as I was present when you were sucked into the Vortex of Allen, Lilly. I was, however, not present when you dove headfirst into the Vortex of Allen, Tim.

    Fish: I completely understand your desire to pee on various and sundry items, if not your desire to pee on person or persons unknown. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Arthritistreatment777: I suspect your ability to soothe the pain in my pelvis, but understand your position on Lady Gaga’s positions. They make me both 1) want to have an arthritis flare up, 2) wonder why there aren’t more strippers with a singing career.

  • The first comment on Youtuber, which I forgot to include earlier, was:

    poke her face

    It made me giggle, because deep inside me is a sexist, chauvinist, cobagist, little boy. How he got there, I have no idea. I probably ate him accidentally while out Pork Snorkeling.

  • How did I miss this?!?!

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