Summertime Clothes-Animal Collective

I needed to wait until posting this wasn’t seen as hipster, then I needed to avoid the accusation of bandwagon, then there was the minefield of the inevitable backlash. I hope I am in the realm of indifference/old news, but am likely in the land of poseur.

Creepy and psychedelic video for a surprisingly 80s-esque experimental art-wave straight up lovey dovey song about walking around at night in the city when it is too hot to sleep in your unstated 4th floor Brooklyn walk-up or some such. Works best for our Northeastern urban areas, 80s Sprite commercial type zones and from the Loop up to Wrigleyville. It is really a good tune.

22 Responses to “Summertime Clothes-Animal Collective”

  • I love how SOTD has become kind of a stealth feature.

    Just kind of hides here dormant for weeks, no comments or any kind of action, then a couple of quick posts that go nearly unnoticed….

    It’s like a secret fort made of couch cushions!

  • This song is truly excellent, but I worry that it won’t hold it’s excellence, that it will stop feeling the way it felt when I heard it the second time, the time that I needed to hear it the third and fourth in quick succession. I hate losing that feeling.

  • 80s-esque?

    I think we remember the 80s differently. Admittedly, the eighties are increasingly blurry for me, and didn’t start out all that clear.

  • On the contrary, it was the second listen that sold it for me.

    Maybe the 3rd is where it will fail.

  • So, I downloaded the AC from emusic, along with the Belle and Sebastien…

    and when I went to sync the iPod, it took everything off my iPod.

    Why does Song of The Day hate me?

  • SOTD broke my iPod.

    I am inconsolable.


    What in the world. Please tell me you are backed up. I am so sad for you. I feel terrible.

  • O, my music collection is on a separate, high quality hard drive.

    But I have come to live my life off my music collection in a shirt pocket. Now I feel all kattywampus.

    Fortunately, I can run Pandora off my iPhone. I will not slit my wrists tonight.

  • tomorrow, however, I am backing up that hard drive to the office server.

    Eff my boss, he can fire me if he doesn’t like it.

  • It would only take it off your ipod if you were syncing with a different computer, though. And if you have everything saved, can’t you just repopulate it from the external hard drive?

    I have had external drive problems a couple times, so I now I have all of my music redundantly on two drives, one at home and one at work, and I occasionally match them up. Worst case, I’ve had to pay $20 for copypod to take all of the music from my iPod and resave it to my computer.

    I just got an iPhone, so the Pandora thing is pretty cool for that. Plus, I have one of those cables in the car that plugs into the back of my car stereo, which allows me to control the ipod through the radio, and charges at the same time. Unfortunately, they changed the iPhone charges, so I had to be an attachment to keep that charged while in the car. The plus side is that I can listen to Pandora or baseball games from my iPhone through my car stereo AND keep my phone charged at the same time.

  • I actually forgot the best part. Our IT guy will support the iPhone, so I can get work email on it. The upshot is that I can get rid of my blackberry AND my old cell phone, and work will cover $60 for my iPhone bill.

    Also, I like this song.

  • So mlb gameday audio works with the iphone- that is a big plus.

  • Seitz, I been working on restoring the poddo, and it keeps hanging when it gets to about 9.2 gigs full. I’ve even gone to a complete iPod wipe and restore. Nothing gets it to fill up any farther than that.

    So I’ve currently got a mostly crippled iPod with a couple of thousand songs on it, and I’m telling myself that just a few years ago, a 5 gig iPod was all there was….

    It’s not working. Maybe somebody will pay me next week, and I can get a new one.

  • emusic does give you better quality files, but they are bigger. There has got to be a way to fix it. Maybe song of the day is more powerful than we thought!

  • No, PP my friend. I have tried for three days now. The fact it hangs every time at 9.2 gigs indicates, to me, that there’s a physical cause. A big bad block on the HD or something….

    Fortunately, I am grooving on the Pandora app on my iPhone, it helps me… And I LIKE it when it plays Coldplay!!

    SOTD must, it seems, be taken in regulated doses. I recommend you update CAREFULLY.

  • Have you tried to reformat it? Do a search on formatting an ipod. It will wipe the whole thing, then the next time you connect to itunes, it will reinstall the software. That recently worked for me, but I wasn’t having the same issue as you.

  • I broke my brother’s iTunes. Is there a way to use an iPod without using iTunes? I am of the opinion that iTunes is the new AIM and sucks as bad or worse.

  • Chuckles, just trahs iTunes and reinstall it. Should work. Unless you’re as drunk as I am.

    seitz, yeah, I did that in a couple of different ways. didn’t make a diff. It’s like a Test from The Great Bird Of The Galaxy.

  • If I trash his iTunes, won’t that remove all his songs? I will speak to a less drunk expert this weekend.

  • It shouldn’t. The iTunes app is usually separate from teh itunes files.

    If you can find the iTunes Library folder, you can back that up before trying anything. Then, when you reload iTunes, you just tell it where to find the music files when it starts up.

    I know where to find em on a Mac. I don’t know where Windows keeps it’s clean underwear though.

  • Is there a way to use an iPod without using iTunes?

    It’s a nice heavy, compact object. I use it to train the dog. My aim is improving too.

  • That wouldn’t work so well with my Sister in Law’s Nano. I was eating chips and dip at their place once and almost ate that thing.

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