The Boy With the Arab Strap

One of my favorite songs ever. This version is exceptionally good. While it is quite similar to the album version, in this case the execution of such a facsimile enhances the feeling of vibrancy and connection. Certain songs can make your spine tingle a bit when you hear a live version that hits the tiny parts that you treasure, and because you are hanging on waiting for those brief moments, when they arrive they are that much more powerful.

Key aspect of this version is the faithful reproduction of the outro, which can be ad-libbed in other renditions. Also the volume gets pretty low on the album fade out so it can be very hard to catch, but here it is right there.

3 Responses to “The Boy With the Arab Strap”

  • This is probably their most fun song to see performed live.

  • This pops up fairly frequently on my BB Pandora station “Super Furry Animals Radio.” Are all those people in the band or are they just there for this song? This video also reminds me of the “Hey Lloyd” thread in which someone said that the lady singer’s voice did not match the voice in any way they could predict. I feel the same sentiment with this video’s visual revelation.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Oh man, the hand claps are insidious. Do you know how embarrassing it is to start clapping your hands out loud in the middle of a quiet lab? Seitz is right about the live performance thing. Every time I go to see B&S, the crowd is seated until this song, and then all the girls get up and start dancing. The amateurish recorder playing adds like 250X charm. I know the part that Pinko is obsessesd with because he’s made me listen to it on a 1970s receiver with the volume cranked way up. I love this video!!!!

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