No One Said That This Would Be Easy – The Postmarks

I heard this song on XM radio when I was on a Jet Blue flight from Long Beach to Chicago, and it made an impression. It sounded like an American version of some stuff I’ve heard from Broadcast. It’s the opening track from their new album Memoirs at the End of the Word. Interestingly, when you rip this CD and import it into iTunes, the genre tag is “Soundtrack”, which is kind of funny since I don’t think any of these songs appear on any soundtracks. But the whole album sounds like it’s full of songs that could be on movie soundtracks, and this song in particular has a real early James Bond feel to it.

I saw these guys in concert last night with Brookville, which is one of the side projects of Andy Chase (Ivy, Paco). Great show. Only about 50 people there, and Tim Yehezkely, the lead singer for the Postmarks (yes, she’s a girl and her name is Tim, and no, that’s not her on the video/album cover actually, I take that back, I think that is her) was kind of dancing by herself through the whole Brookville set. This was going on about five feet in front of me. It was just a cool atmosphere. I feel guilty at those shows, because I kinda like when they aren’t crowded, but at the same time I feel bad for the bands that more people didn’t show up. And if the crowd is like that for a Chicago show, what’s it going to be like when they play Omaha?

Anyway, this whole album is really good, but this is my favorite song from it so far.

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  • I really think their covers album By the Numbers is a good listen. What is funny is this song sounds a lot like Ivy, a band you mention in the post.

    You know I love retro. Pretty cool tune.

  • They played a couple songs from By the Numbers. OX4 and Nine Million Rainy Days, which are two songs that I already liked. Also the Ramones’ 7-11. Brookville also does a cover of The The’s Slow Emotion Replay, which sounded really good live.

    They do sound a little like Ivy, minus Dominique’s cool French accent.

  • What I love about all this obscure stuff is that it’s mostly all on eMu-sic, so I can get it cheap, especially with their new policy to only charge 12 DLs per album, regardless of how many tracks.

    I Dled the first disc of a Nick Lowe comp a while back, and when I went back to get the second disc, discovered wonderfully that they were willing to give me the rest! Woot, as the kids say.

    Anyway, the new one by these youngsters isn’t there yet, but the Numbers dealio is and sounds charming, so it’s on the list…

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