6669 (I Don’t Know if You Know)-Neon Indian

Both Richard Armitage and Marc Hogan at Pitchfork note what I picked up on first listen of Neon Indian’s Psychic Chasms, the washed out mix tape sound. What could strike as a cynical, and cheap unearned nostalgia is cleared away by the quality of some of the songs. The songs mine that 80s new wave sensitive emo melancholy. They play as tracks from a sub one hit wonder, but the B-sides of those band’s 12 inches that were just so good that the Saturday night DJ would play them on the request show along with Peter Godwin and Intaferon and the kids would tape it off the radio because you just couldn’t buy it.

God damn I always hated it when the cool kids looked cool in their pre-distressed jeans. That’s this album. The songs aren’t quite so under water on headphones, but it stands out on the old fashioned speakers. MGMT would be Neon Indian if MGMT weren’t completely manufactured shitheads.

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  • SotD comments are not letting me respond to ZRM’s comment with a smiley face because apparently, I’ve already said that… YEAH! LIKE IN A MILLION PLACES!

    What’s with the frickin’ comment box tyranny these days?!?!

  • What about Frankie Goes to Hollywood?

    Oh we’re off that. Your Pirate Overlord saw them last night. She said “OK.”

    Also, the only record of failure that matches Emuvosis is his freshly windexed bathroom mirror when he’s just out of the shower.

  • Also, the only record of failure that matches Emuvosis is his freshly windexed bathroom mirror when he’s just out of the shower.

    And suddenly… I have no need for lunch.

  • FGTH was more disco than techno, IMZO.

    Look, I argue with Zelmo all the time about unnecessary music categorization.

    we usually have a lot more beer while we do it though.

    I prefer two types of categories: “Like It” and “Shut Up Already!”

    I like this, I DL-ed.

  • I prefer two types of categories: “Like It” and “Shut Up Already!”

    This reminds me of how I judge poetry…

    1) feel it in my solar plexus (good)
    2) pegs the needle on my bs meter (bad)
    3) feel nothing (moving on)

  • 1) Zardoz
    2) Charlotte Rampling

    It really clarifies the world.

  • this is kind of like a little private thread. it’s comforting.

    I come here to get away from the world. It’s quiet, and I can hear myself think. And hear myself talk. And the voices in my head don’t have to shout so loud.

    If only there was a little Ozzy in addition to the twee electro-pop….

  • sshhhhhhh.

    turn the lights down. fill the funny looking vase up with some of mikey’s special substance…

    ahhh, that’s better. A little Billy Bragg. relaxing, indeed. close the drapes, chill the ham…..

  • I just wanted to make sure we reached 60 comments on this thread.

  • I like Billy Bragg.

    ZRM- why stop at 60?

    I think you’ve got the right idea… it is a nice place to come and sort out your thoughts. Mine could use some sorting. The ability to focus has been scarce these days… I should have thought of coming to Pinko’s Den of Calm… A different song might be nice… along with a gong and perhaps a little waterfall.


  • ZRM- did you put Bad Ronald in your Netflix queue yet??

  • Apparently Bad Ronald is not available via Netflix… I have been forced to buy one more old, bad movie. I have to see this one though… to get the glasses thing straight. 30+ years of jokes depend on it.

  • Dear SotD…

    Since we were speaking DVD’s… I have misplaced my Harold and Maude and the Eldest Lamblet has never seen it. If you could please point me in the direction of its location, I would be most appreciative.



    P.S. Do you have any luck with weather forecasting? If so, would you please let me know what the second week of December will be like?? Again, thanks…

  • I originally saw Harold and Maude at the age of maybe 9 on a very bad VHS tape, and while the set pieces were darkly funny, the movie felt cheap. I saw it again on TCM and it was phenomenal. One scene where Cort cracks a Mona Lisa smile while appearing to look at the camera was amazing. Try behind the dryer.

  • Dear SotD… I have located my Harold and Maude DVD… it was not behind the dryer :)… but was in a place I had searched many times before. I would like to think that it was not there, but that SotD placed it there so that I would indeed find it… being a creature of habit and all, I would no doubt look in that spot again.

    Bonus score: 3 socks found behind dryer.

  • Dear SOTD:

    what are these other people doing in my private thread?

    And where did all these socks come from?

  • Dear Mr. ZRM-

    SotD is not your own personal Jesus, but rather belongs to the masses… even if the masses choose not to follow…

    Also… if Mr. ZRM is interested in borrowing a couple of movies, I might be able to work that out.

  • I believe we still have an eight track player….

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