Hello to the Floor-The Duke Spirit

Pandora served this up to me, and they are available on eMusic. They fit my retro, nostalgic pseudo hippyish bar band longings, while also I realize now reminding me a little bit of Heartless Bastards, another Pandora serve that eMusic allowed me to get into. I suspect this will be enjoyed by Zombies.

2 Responses to “Hello to the Floor-The Duke Spirit”

  • That’s cool. It starts off a little too monotoned droney for me, but gets better toward the end. I especially like the harmonica. They are probably awesome to see live.

  • I LIKE the droney. Shades of Yo La Tengo, or maybe Sonic Youth, with the vocals.

    It does sound a lot like Heartless Bastards. a touch more subdued, maybe. The two chord guitar bit reminds me of Galaxie 500, a lot. In fact, that’s what they sound like the most, to me.

    I wish, however, a blackbird didn’t have to die for her cape.

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