It Made You Dumb-Modey Lemon

One of the joys of Pandora, is that even with an imperfect algorithm, you will be served up bands that you either never had time for or had never heard of, or had heard of only to the extent that you knew Pitchfork might have reviewed one of their albums at some point, meaning you could assign some probability that they might be an indie rock band. I haven’t had time to full explore Modey Lemon’s 2008 offering Season of Sweets, but I really do love this cut. I loved this song from the first listen, rawish yet clean right down the road indie rock, but really well done and you’d imagine it would be great in a little club. There is so much music out there these days that I feel for smaller bands that just slog through- I hope they know that people appreciate just how good hearing a new, good song makes them feel. I’d put this up there with our previously reviewed Snowden track in the pleasant surprises category.

2 Responses to “It Made You Dumb-Modey Lemon”

  • I like this quite a bit. the guitar riff reminds me of J mascis, a bit.

    The video looks like a Bad Ronald sequel.

    I think the smaller band model is evolving. record labels are being shunted out of the equation, and people are relying on internet and live performances for new bands. Without the overhead of big label, smaller bands can make a living regionally by working and playing and getting better at what they do. I have some hopes for a more viable regional music environment. Bands like the Mekons and Black 47 have figured out a way to survive, if not pack stadiums (although Black 47 did play Shea Stadium).

  • also, pretty transparent sucking up to the Citrine Overlords.

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