Telephones – The Headlights

Don’t know too much about this band (Seitz???), but I like the happy retropoppy feel of what I’ve heard. I think the sound is probably closest to Los Campesinos, but I do alert the readers to the super awesome organ at the beginning of this song, and the almost sense that they are going to be doing an extended Boy with the Arab Strap outro. This is super fun music. I would probably want to dance to this, especially the parts that get more into Arcade Fire territory.

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  • Hey! A new SOTD entry that I can ZombieSpam the commentoramas.

    Haven’t listened: too pissed at the pooping dog. HL;TPATPD. However, Simels at Power Pop turned me onto some retro Power Poppy stuff called The High Dials which may be just the thing to combat Pitchforkiasma. It is, however, almost certainly to never be played in Big Texas Honeybunland.

  • I think I have the High Dials on my list. I need to listen too. Also, need to adjust the darned width.

  • No, I like em that way. It only bothers fussbudgets like Smut Clyde or Substance.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    At some point, will anybody actually listen to this?

  • listen to what?

    ….OK, you shamed me into it. I listened. I likee. I don’t hear the retro-poppy you reffed, I hear tons of Galaxie 500. But I LIKE Galaxie 500, so that’s good.

    So now I have to go buy another damn eMusic booster pack. Damn U Canadian.

    Pinko at least picks music I already have, so I don’t have to go and buy it.

  • also, Yo La Tengo. LOTS of Yo La Tengo.

    You’re right about the organ though.

  • I dil’ed. Mainly because they have a song called “Wisconsin Beaches”.

    Also, because I only have four of the ten comments up there.

  • Oops, I missed this one, and didn’t see that I was summoned. But no, I don’t know much about these guys either.

  • Wow, I missed the High Dials reference as well. Are they still around. They opened for BJM a few years ago, then came back to town and put on a great live show. I think Rishi left the band, though, and he was the dude who played the sitar. They were great. A New Devotion is a great album.

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