Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent-The Besnard Lakes

30% late period Catherine Wheel + 30% Low + 2% Toto + 4% Alan Parsons Project + 34% magical sauce = Besnard Lakes.

Here are the opening two tracks of the very, very listenable new album. Apparently they just blew the doors off of SXSW. Figures. I was probably falling asleep to a rerun of NCIS or eating a tater tot. Sad.

I am deeply in love with this album, but it just so happens that I know this feeling will end so I am going with the flow and will play it into the ground until it does.

20 Responses to “Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent-The Besnard Lakes”

  • I like this. It actually grew on me as the song went along. These guys are on my radar, but I haven’t really gotten around to listening to them.

    Also, it’s really pissing me off that so much good music has been released in the last year and a half or so. I only have so much listening time, and I’m spending a lot of money on concerts. By the end of May, I will have been to somewhere between 15-20 shows in 2010 (Miles Kurosky, Titus Andronicus, The xx, and The Soft Pack in the next week and a half).

  • This is really really good. I hear a lot of Secret Machines and old psychedelic strands running through the music. I can see why you love it!

    Seitz, have you listened to the new Miles Kurosky? I loved Beulah and would be interested if it’s that good….

  • The new Miles Kurosky is really good. If you’re looking for more stuff that sounds like Beulah, you’ll like it. He played about three or four Beulah songs last night, and his backing band had some Beulah guys in it. I have their setlist from the last show they ever played in Chicago, and I got all three of them to autograph it for me last night.

  • By the way, this album was released on March 9th. Also released on that day: Titus Andronicus, Broken Bells, Free Energy, Ted Leo, and Miles Kurosky. That’s probably going to be the best day for new music this year.

  • 3B eated my comment, which was pithy, and wryly funny, and epic, actually.

    The zombie hate is palpable. Now you get NOTHING!!!!

  • I’m almost on-board, but I feel like it doesn’t get to that next gear that I was anticipating. UC’s Secret Machines comparison is apt, but I think they are better at moving toward a real climax, even after several minutes of holding in the same musical pattern.

    Perhaps a bass solo would improve my feelings about this song.

  • yes. until a bass solo is added, I shall continue in my new habit of commenting on SOTD on OTHER PEOPLE’S BLOGS.

  • So I downloaded this album from Amazon a couple weeks ago (only $5 this month). According to iTunes, if you combine the listens on my computer at work, my iPhone, and my iPod, I’ve listened to this album about 25 times since then. I’ll probably eventually get sick of it, but for now, I really love it.

  • Yes, I think the snow flurries have addled Brando’s brain on this one.

    This is shoegaze? Huh. I thought I didn’t care for shoegaze.

  • I finally was able to not listen to it everyday sometime last week. I still love it but I can get by without it now.

    I wouldn’t really call it shoegaze but it is very latter day Catherine Wheel, and super Low.

  • I heard way more prog in it than Low, but I guess our ears are shaped differently. I also think the Mekons are awesome, so what do I know?

  • that is the catherine wheel side. you have to hear the whole album (which you have) for the Low, which is kind of more the tempo and the voices.

  • you have to hear the whole album (which you have)

    wait, I have this album?

    …funny we still call these things ‘albums’ which they haven’t been for half of my life now.

  • And airplanes! Am I right? What’s up with them?

    …anyway, I am going to listen to this whole ‘album’ as soon as Patti Smith is done.

  • …after, of course, I listen to ding[1].

  • I assumed you downloaded it from emusic. What you don’t have enough credits? I thought you already had the Zep?

    Zrm, I only typed that because I thought if I said that if you listened to the album you would had said “I have” so then I thought “I’m sure he’s listened to it” so I didn’t want to be rude but I was accidentally ruder.

  • I did listen to it when I got it after this was posted, but i was listening for pleasure, not for references. And then I listened to it REALLY LOUD last night, and see what you mean about Low, expecially on the last couple of songs, but still get way more proggy vibe from the previous tracks.

    Prog’s not a bad word, you know. Even if it is four letters. Maybe they need more songs about trees. Maybe I could use a drink. Yes, that seems more likely.

  • I’ve never listened to Low, but “Glass Printer” could definitely have been recorded by ‘Ferment’ era Catherine Wheel.

  • OK. Now this has settled into my iPodicle, and I’ve heard it much more. And when CERTAIN Low songs come up, I totes see the reference, so I appy-pologize to the Pink Punk.

    Plus, “And This Is What We Call Progress” is fricking awesome, not to mention is a line from a Mekons song. To be exact, the Mekons lyric (Sorceror, from The Curse Of The Mekons, which is TOTES awesome) is:

    This storm is what we call progress.

    oooh! the abyss is close to come

    I am going to believe that it is not a coincidence, because that is the way I roll.

  • Also Sally Timms is possibly COOLER than Neko Case.


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