What’s In It For? – Avi Buffalo

AC Newman name dropped this band in a Pitchfork guest list, which they’re apparently doing by podcast now. That’s a good thing, because they played part of the track in background, and it sounded pretty good, so I sought it out. I’m not sure if I like the whole album yet, but this song hit me pretty much right away.

So far the best descriptions I’ve read are “Built to Spill teaching Grizzly Bear to jam” and “Like the xx raised on a diet of Built to Spill and the Shins”. I’ll admit that Built to Spill was the first band that these guys brought to mind, maybe because of the high pitched voice. This is another band out of Southern California. Long Beach this time, instead of Silverlake, and they sound a bit more beachy than bands like Foreign Born and Local Natives. More San Francisco-y. They also kind of remind me of Generationals (who are awesome, by the way), in that it’s a updated version of a fairly classic or oldies sound. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “What’s In It For? – Avi Buffalo”

  • The xx and Grizzly Bear nods are probably because of the clean clean sound. The “lips like bacon” line really fell super flat for me. It is OK, though. Then the falsetto backing “ohs” maybe is the Grizzly Bear thing too. The guy looks like he is 19.

  • I think they’re all pretty young. Like the oldest guy in the band is 23 or so.

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