Nothing Ever Happened (Pitchfork Festival) – Deerhunter

Song of the Day makes its triumphant return, and how better to get this restarted then with arguably the song that prompted the reboot.  Pinko and I had been exchanging emails with regard to Stereogum’s incredibly trollish decision to post a list of Deerhunter’s 10 best songs, which didn’t include what is probably their consensus best song.

The group from Atlanta has just released Monomania, either their fourth, fifth, or sixth full length LP, depending on whether you consider a) Turn It Up, Faggot to be an actual LP, and/or b) Microcastle/Weird Era Ctd. to be one double album or two separate albums.  Either way, expect to see more tracks from that album as we get closer to their tour this fall (Chicago on September 10th).  Today’s post is from their epic Pitchfork performance in 2011, which for me was the highlight of the weekend, and concluded a pretty amazing two hours as they had come on right after Superchunk.

Admittedly, I didn’t finally dig into Deerhunter until Halcyon Digest was released in 2010.  It ended up being my second favorite album of the year, and a few years out is probably the album from 2010 that I listed to more than any other on a consistent basis.  All of their releases have what feel like instant hits (of which this is an example), but also songs with which you need to spend a lot of quality time.  I didn’t finally fall in love with Cryptograms (their first or second album) until just recently, even though it’s had songs that I’ve loved for a while.

Editor’s Note: We’re going to try to get back to posting pretty regularly, maybe a few times a week.  This could become a challenge to due work and/or laziness (moreso laziness), but hey, you’ve gotta have ambition.

4 Responses to “Nothing Ever Happened (Pitchfork Festival) – Deerhunter”

  • Cryptograms didn’t really get me until I had time with it, but then Microcastle was immediate, but the key for me was teh Fluorescent Grey EP that made me revisit Cryptograms and primed me for Microcastle.

    Long live Song of the Day!

  • Also, I can’t really imagine seeing these guys in the daytime.

  • I get that, but it was still an epic set. The bleed out of Don’t Cry into Revival is off the charts great, no matter what time of day, and I would have posted that if there had been a better video. I swear I could listen to Revival for about 10 hours straight and not tire of that song.

    I like the Flourescent Gray EP, mostly because Wash Off is awesome, and a great call-back to Hazel Street (“I was sixteen”), but I think the Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP is even better.

    Also, we may need the 3B batphone to alert the public to the rebirth of SOTD.

  • No, that vid was really good- they sounded really good. I’ll make a note on 3B. Maybe I will bash Matt Yglesias for page views.

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