Foxygen – Shuggie

I kind of had a hard time deciding between this song, San Francisco, and No Destruction. I went with this one because it features a few different styles. These guys are basically ’60s revival, but where the Brian Jonestown Massacre are doing the Stones, Foxygen is heavy into the Kinks and Donovan. They’re a couple of guys based in L.A., and if you’re in the right mood, their stuff is really good. Though it’s kind of hard to tell whether they’re sincere or maybe a bit affected.

They’re playing Pitchfork this year, and because I thought the lineup on the whole kind of sucked, it served as a good motivator to listen to bands on my radar that I hadn’t yet made time for. As a result, they’ve become one of my new musical obsessions. I’ll probably post another one of those on Wednesday.

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  • They are immaculate, but the affectation is so much, but every little bit is in the right place. If they were into Afrobeat they’d have the same touch as Vampire Weekend. I love retro stuff, but this is maybe too over the top for me- I think it is because I am picturing them smirking. The time changes in this one are jarring a little bit. I should probably give the whole album a chance.

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