Parquet Courts – Master of My Craft & Borrowed Time

These two songs flow into one another so well, that I really didn’t feel like I could post only one. Like Foxygen, this is a band I’d heard a lot of about, but didn’t bother to listen to until they were listed on what appeared to be a lackluster Pitchfork Festival lineup. I’ve been listening to this album about three times a day for the last couple weeks.

I hear Television, Jonathan Richman, Art Brut, Guided By Voices, and hell, probably a few other things on this album as well. As other reviewers have noted, they bring a stoner aesthetic, but you can tell that these guys actually really do care about about what they’re committing to a recording. I’d suggest checking out what is probably their most buzz-worthy track, Stoned and Starving. It’s five minutes of genius on an album where it seems like half the songs fail to break the two minute mark. Really can’t wait to see these guys live.

2 Responses to “Parquet Courts – Master of My Craft & Borrowed Time”

  • I don’t think Jonathan Richman is quite right, but there is a contemporary of his that this strongly reminds me of. I just can’t remember who it was…

  • I think my comment got eaten before, but this one is like Pavement covering Television pretending to be the Modern Lovers at soundcheck.

    Stoned and Starving with its groove and everything else going on is amazing. It is amazing because it is extremely derivative, but the vibe and relentlessness transcends the pieces. It turns into Neu! jamming with Television but not really those things. Parquet Courts becomes Parquet Courts. They are going to kill live.

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