TEEN – Better

TEEN is the project of Kristina Lieberson who was in Here We Go Magic, a band on my radar forever. I think I even have an album of theirs, but was never really able to buy in, but that’s probably my own fault. TEEN is opening for Eleanor Friedberger on her upcoming tour, and she’s one of those artists for whom I have so much respect that I’ll check out the opener because I can’t imagine her choosing a band I wouldn’t want to listen to.

I like this album a fair amount, and I really like this song, but I have to agree with the Pitchfork review to a certain extent. This is an album filled with a bunch of really great three minute songs. The problem is that they’re all five to six minutes long. Some better production and editing on that end could have made a big difference.

They have a new EP out called Carolina, which you can stream at Stereogum probably for a few more days before it’s a officially released. I haven’t been able to spend much time with it yet, but the first song (the title track) is really great, and I think it’s got a real Cocteau Twins sound to it.

4 Responses to “TEEN – Better”

  • I am having massive 80’s flashbacks.

  • I don’t feel it is so 80s, but only because the current “80s” retro is more dudely emo New Romantic whatever they call chillwave now, but this is awesome. I would also add 70s Crimesolver as category because there are Rockford Files synths in here. Really like this one.

  • This one gets better and better, but I do think it is a little long.

  • They didn’t play this in concert. They played one song from the album (Electric), and they played pretty much the entire new EP. They were pretty good, though.

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