Bad Veins – Gold and Warm

This would be another in the Coming Attractions series, as I just completed a purchase of tickets to see them on June 20th at a small venue down the street from me called Beat Kitchen. I’ve seen them once before when they opened for the Joy Formidable at a larger venue, and I just missed them one other time when they opened for the now defunct The Subjects a couple years ago. In my own defense, I missed them because the Angels were playing the Red Sox in the playoffs and I wanted to see as much of the Angels game as possible before leaving.

I was encouraged to get into these guys by the music writer for Chicagoist, Jim “Tankboy” Kopeny, with whose brother I attended law school. Their hook, aside from catchy melodies, is the third member of their band, Irene, a large reel to reel player. Lead singer Benjamin Davis also will occasionally sing into an old telephone, which produces a really cool sound in a live setting.

This song is from their self titled first album, which was released in 2009. They subsequently released an EP (Outliers). Their follow up album, The Mess We’ve Made, was released last year. It’s a little more slickly produced than the first album, maybe a little more poppy, but still shows the songwriting craft they displayed on the debut. Gold and Warm is my favorite song off of the first album.

3 Responses to “Bad Veins – Gold and Warm”

  • I can’t listen to this right now, because I’m at work, but what do you think about the Beat Kitchen? I’m always torn between really liking it and hating it.

  • I’ve only been to one show there, believe it or not. They just either don’t seem to get the acts I want, or the timing is off. I feel like Sub-T is the main venue for House Call Entertainment, and Beat Kitchen gets the leftovers. But I liked the show I went to. It was Nicole Atkins with My My My opening for her. I thought the space was fine.

  • I can see why they might be on a Joy Formidable bill. This is decent and likable.

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