War On Drugs-Baby Missiles

Slacker.fm has been loading these guys up on one of my stations, and every time they come on pop out of my office cave and check the spacelab computer that is blaring music for who the artist is, and it has been War On Drugs for three different tracks. This is just a driving driving driving song. A little bit of a Bruce feel without sounding like the Boss, and it is funny there is a slight Kurt Vile here, and this is his band, except he’s not on this album because he’s been doing his solo stuff for awhile. These guys are hard to explain- Tom Petty sound collage with reverb or psychedelic freeway rock pop. This is from their last album, 2011’s Slave Ambient. Live versions brings out the Dylan-isms (also the harmonica). Focus on the sound of the band and if he’s too much live, the vocals are better balanced

2 Responses to “War On Drugs-Baby Missiles”

  • These guys are really good in concert. Arms Like Boulders is a song that really stands out in a live setting vs. the studio version (which is also good).

  • Yeah, I think I would love them. Just from a couple of YouTubes I feel like they have that sound.

    I listened to a snippet of TEEN “Carolina”- and it did sound like Cocteau Twins (crossed with St. Vincent)

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