Smith Westerns-Varsity

I am going to begin a series here that was inspired by Seitz’s link to Parquet Court’s “Stoned and Starving” in his post on their songs “Master of My Craft” and “Borrowed Time”. The theme is great songs that have more than a whiff of indie rock Master’s Thesis about them. Songs whose sound is more than a little derivative and possibly extremely derivative or otherwise a very obvious Frankenstein of influences. This song is the most subtle about its influences in the series, and I think that this song most transcends the amalgamation of sounds. This is a laconic, loping track that I would easily put in the ear noodle category. It is hard to say where the hook is and the first few times you listen, the song is elusive in that it goes about its way without being obvious about its twists and turns. It is a romantic, wistful tune that has a sort of opaque delivery. Something about the pace says OMD to me, but not nearly as overtly emotional as that, and instead almost a barbiturate-laced Elephant 6 vocal, some Cure guitar at points, but it flits and flutters away. Seitz has posted about Smith Westerns previously, and I think this song is phenomenal, so it is unanimous around here about these guys.

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  • So, true story. I’m at the Hideout last night watching Christopher Owens (Girls) do a solo acoustic set which was actually pretty good. He was wearing a Smith Westerns t-shirt, which, ya know, no big deal, he’s wearing a band t-shirt in that band’s hometown. About 25 minutes in I head to the back to buy another beer, and realize that behind me the whole time have been…..the Smith Westerns. Cullen, Cameron, and Max were chillin’ at the show. Had a nice chat with them afterward, though Cullen thinks someone at Pitchfork screwed up and posted the review of their new album too early, since it’s not out for two weeks.

    I definitely hear OMD at the beginning.

  • Oh jeez. That is awesome. This song is absolutely phenomenal.

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