Ultra Vivid Scene – Special One

For some reason I had always thought this song came out when I was in college, but I’m seeing an album release date of 1989, with the single released in 1990. It got to #14 on the U.S. modern rock charts. This song disappeared from me for a long time until I finally ran across the album ‘Joy: 1967-1990’ at a used record store somewhere, probably Lou’s Records on Pacific Coast Highway in Encinitas.

Ultra Vivid Scene was basically Kurt Ralske, and from his Wikipedia page, I get the impression that he was more an artist who dabbled in a number of things, including music. The background vocals you hear are indeed Kim Deal, formerly of the Pixies, and probably futurely of the Pixies as well.

2 Responses to “Ultra Vivid Scene – Special One”

  • Always remembered these guys in the bargain bin at Wazoo Records in Ann Arbor.

    Kim is so great on backup.

  • zombie rotten mcdonald

    I have loved this song for so so long. even have the CD from the first release. Kim Deal is so awesome.

    The rest of the disc is kind of meh, though

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