Nowhere Again-Secret Machines

Well, we’ll quote ourselves from an old Friday Random 10..

I don’t care that this song references a band or playing an instrument. This song is awesome. Just slick enough production to make it perfect for a Bruckheimer movie or maybe the orgy scene in some CSI episode right before the sexually exploitative snuff film that is the heart of that show, because there is something scuzzy underneath this song, but it is just a mood, the band marches on above it all. Here’s a taste:

another alone on an everyday night
I think in the morning I think I’ll be alright
watching the blood flow
no wonder I dont know why

theres a woman in the mirror in a firey state
she motions to me I start pulling away
she’s lifting her dress up
all the way up

oh don’t look surprised

our lives

our lives

We’ll add that this video kind of fits. A little bit slick like the production on this 2004 song, but tasteful.

3 Responses to “Nowhere Again-Secret Machines”

  • I’m kind of lukewarm on the album as a whole, but I really like this song. It’s one of those songs that I heard once or twice but didn’t know any information about. Then randomly found it again a month or two later and was happy that I did. Great song.

  • I’m the same way about the album- the way to listen to the album is to be stuck in the car for a 400 mile drive and only have one cd, then it is pretty OK, but this tune is head and shoulders the best.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I think it’s my third favourite track. I like the title track more, with the refrains and catchy part of Nowhere Again, and I like Pharoah’s Daughter. It’s true, though, that I usually don’t feel in the mood to listen to the entire album, but I’m always happy when one of the better songs comes up on my Party Shuffle. I’ll probably skip buying the new CD, unless pitchfork pitches tent over it.

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