AG wants to mess with genius? Somebody buy her some James Blunt and tell her to clam it.

Today we are about the Beach Boys. The Beach boys have been cool in indie dork circles for awhile, well very select Beach Boy songs. There is nothing we can say really on top of the millions of words said about the following Sunkist commercial. That’s what this song was when Three Bulls! was growing up, but it was also the number 1 reason why we liked Sunkist. This is the place we wanted to go- somewhere inside this song- for those that hate the Beach Boys, please just listen to the inside of this song. There is so much there. Watch the boys sell the impossible lip sync in this clip, watch poor Carl rock his bass and then sound like an altar boy. Mike Love- (is that Mike Love?) dutifully plays the theremin, who wouldn’t want one of those? Good Vibrations.

This clip is a cover of a traditional Jamaican tune, and everybody knows it, but sometimes people don’t think it is the Beach Boys. I want to point out the irony of this reverse Beatles “Beach Boys visit” England clip, and how forced it is, how soulless and dead-eyed Mike Love looks (that’s how you look when you are soulless and dead eyed). He the cobag in the cap. He’s about as evil as you get, and that being said, I still think his douchey vocals are right for this track. Here we go, Sloop John B.

Surf’s Up- in one of the original recorded versions, from the legendary Smile sessions:

But here is the killer, it needs to grow on you, and this live version doesn’t have the initial hook that the recorded one does, but stick with it because by the end you realize that it is actually amazing, white-bread beach boys and all. This is just crazy, crazy Brian Wilson on piano at his house with an early version of Surf’s Up.

3 Responses to “AG wants to mess with genius? Somebody buy her some James Blunt and tell her to clam it.”

  • Brian Wilson is about as much genius as Michael Bolton. The song “Killing me Softly” came to mind when UC played that gosh awful video of him out of tune.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Two things are clear from these videos (thanks Pinko!!!). First, Mike Love must eat children. I’m thinking he likes them fresh and bloody. Perhaps he eats their eyes first, as they are most deliciously gooey. Second, Surf’s Up is probably the most haunting and beautiful song ever composed by Brian Wilson.

  • He really looks like a molester in the Sloop John B- but his vocals need to be on that track, thus my deal with the devil.

    Surf’s Up is amazing, but not quite “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”- I like it better and better. I’m sure if you graphed it out, it would overtake “IJWMFTT” at X=infinity

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