Clipped/Fait Accompli-Curve

Fait Accompli was the lead single in the US from Curve’s debut Doppelganger. Having followed some more original and adventurous EPs, some were turned off by the monochrom feel of this album and it’s essentially 8 versions of one song and two additional songs. I will give them that description, but it’s one of those albums that sounds so good, that you don’t mind that they all sound of a certain kind a la a Strokes CD, or say Jesus and Mary Chain. Here’s Trouser Press for more on the band. My faves from this album are “Think and Act” “Ice That Melts the Tips” “Fait Accompli” and the next video “Clipped” and I agree with Trouser that the follow up, Cuckoo was their masterpiece. The band, mostly a duo, were known for both their production and the aesthetics of their lead singer, Toni Halliday. The female guitarist in this clip joined Echobelly after this album.

So here is “Clipped”, while this song appeared on Doppelganger, it was from the earlier Cherry EP and can be found on the US EP Comp Pubic Fruit. I prefer their other two EPs, Galaxy and Frozen, but get the compilation.

I was trying to find “Superblaster” from Cuckoo, but couldn’t locate it. So for more Seitz fun, here’s Superblast! by Lush for comparison. They seem a little tame, but I like the riff (more when Stereolab does it).

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  • I really like Toni Halliday in this video. Fait Accompli gets some regular play on the Alternative. I like that thing she does with her hands that looks like the sign for travelling at the part where they lead into the chorus for the first time.

    Speaking of Echobelly, I was so excited when “People Are Expensive” came out (import only) that I wrote the band an email, and Sonya responded! I’d say a good 5% or so of the hits to my site are people looking for pictures of Sonya Aurora Madan, while another 10% or so are from people looking for pictures of Sharin Foo.

    This is first I’ve seen of the Clipped video. Superblast also shows up on the alternative a lot.

  • I wish Superblaster by Curve showed up. I think they have 2-3 more videos. Don’t go looking for any special videos, at least until we finish our Seitz week.

  • best curve song ever is either “frozen” or “die like a dog”. “cherry” is brilliant for those moments when shit starts going all pear-shaped.

  • oh, and curve were AMAZING live. STUNNING.

  • My fave is Cuckoo (track 10 on Cuckoo, I believe), and I think PR will agree with that upon reflection.

    Coast is Clear is awesome too, but all those are good choices.

  • I got into them via “Chinese Burn” (BTVS, dontcha know); apart from that i haven’t found most of their stuff too memorable somehow.

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