Wanting to have more freedom after stints in Throwing Muses and co-founding the Breeders with Kim Deal, Tanya Donelly founded Belly and became an MTV fave with “Feed the Tree”. That kind of pigeonholed their successful first album, which really is underrated. I remember a particularly good Homicide:Life on the Street featuring “Full Moon, Empty Heart” from their debut Star. Their followup King did not fare well even though it got the full push, covers of Rolling Stone, probably Spin too. This is the second single, which I thought should be the first, and the video director has the same problem selling the band that everyone else had. They were a really good indie pop band, but they wanted to package Tanya as Cutesy McAdorablepants, and she is that, but it doesn’t really work for this song, where they effectively creep you out with some crazy bod-mod surgery and spooky hospital stuff only to have band shots where Cuddlebuggle Snugglypants is doing a super cute little dance. Anyway, more videos for Seitz. If the Nutter Butter weren’t running Windows 95, he would be all over this video.

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