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Car Radio-Spoon

Pandora birthed this effortless Spoon guitar triumphalism it’s so easy everything is perfect we are Spoon suck it talentless audience were are awesome Spoon who are you you are sad yeah I am but Spoon doesn’t even break a sweat it is so easy hey want to be pals really yeah wow you we be pals with me yeah we are Spoon we love everyone doesn’t everyone?

WARNING: Fan video.

NOTE: They won me over with the ol’ glass of milk gambit. Plus Spoon.

This Boat That I Row/Morning Dew-Lulu

I didn’t remember ever hearing “Morning Dew” before I heard it on the radio (DJ actually played the vinyl) the other day. Apparently everyone on Earth has covered this song at some point. Hilariously, Lee Hazelwood and Eisterzende Neubauten are on that list, the only list they likely share among their vast and disparate catalogs. I guess the version most people might know would be the Grateful Dead.

Anyhow, the Lulu version from 1968 (second of two songs here) has awesome marimba, horns and ultra-scuzz 60’s bass, and her voice is quality.

Rockford Files Theme

dEN is all over this tune. Seriously, the epitome of cool. James Garner rules your world.

Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot

Do I need to even explain myself on this one? I imagine Gordon Lightfoot squaring off against Bon Scott in hell, but with the tiniest most imperceptible shrug of his Canadian shoulders, Bon Scott explodes, defeated by Gordo. Then Satan bows his head in shame.

Baby Hold On-The Grass Roots

Well, You Tube let me down on this bad boy. They didn’t have it. No matter. Consider this the shot that started the next You Tube war. Like the defenestration of Prague, the internet will soon be destroyed in a wave of AWESOME. Oh, “Baby Hold On” sounds just like “Midnight Confessions” with the chorus stolen from the Box Tops “The Letter” and all other Grass Roots tunes.

Midnight Confessions-The Grass Roots

Also, suck it Editors!

Metal Guru-T. Rex

I find Marc Bolan very creepy in this clip. I fairly shocked their weren’t 200 anime/video game weirdofests on You Tube. T. Rex has that glammy dark side of bubble-gum sound. Usually their riffs just kind of slither, like in “Bang a Gong,” that is a slithery snake mating dance of a riff. This song is a little different, more about Bolan looking like a more cherubic Alice Cooper, but not an act.

Fox on the Run-The Sweet


Like ELO and Queen and the Rockford Files all in one tasty Hot Pocket of awesomeness. Let’s just say you could kiss that one button on the 8-track gah-bye. This song would make the dentist a good time. Everybody should love this song. Even total cobags. And I just realized who Cornershop stole a particular riff from. That song tomorrow.

Alone Again, Naturally-Gilbert O’Sullivan

To continue our very flexible Classic “Week”, we bring you a song mentioned by tg in the comments for the Zager and Evans extravaganza. See the theme this week is happyish sounding songs that make you wanna open a vein. I think I remember this one, but as my folks were hippies, we didn’t really have AM Gold piped into our brains. It was side 2 of Abbey Road, basically, and Nilsson’s The Point for us unwashed Punkos. I know. At this point you think I grew up in a commune suckled at some goat’s teat. Eat it, cobags.

Anyhow, we give this as a shout out to Chuckles, asking him not to be this guy, this guy in the song. Choose Life, Chuck!

Alone Again, Naturally-Gilbert O’Sullivan

Classic Week- In the Year 2525-Zager and Evans/Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks

This is a special request for Parrotline. Some AM gold that when you catch yourself listening to the words as it comes on the super oldies (nowadays) station and you first think they are happy songs, and then you realize WHAT THE **** are they singing about? Nuclear winter? Murdered girlfriend? Seriously, you actually have to try not to drive into some sort of embankment or off a cliff. The first is the Zager and Evans classic “In the Year 2525” where they catalog man and womankind’s deathspiral into the future. Especially discomforting are the jumps of thousands of years, certainly up to 8510, I mean, you are expecting 8585 based on the previous verses, but then only 8510- oh yeah, God is deciding whether to wipe the slate clean. Hopefully the delightful Snag will fill out the commentary on these tracks in comments. This is the new Parrotline theme song. Nice!

In the Year 2525-Zager and Evans

So here’s another version, a You Tube especiale- the anime/video game version. As if the song couldn’t get any creepier, they do it here.

Here is another one that goes right for the jugular, it’s as if a cult is slaughtering you neighborhood while pounding special K and X. Do not listen to this while driving or drunk, if you are prone to melancholy or have recently been kicked to the curb or lost a loved one to a meteorite strike.

Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks

We continue with an East-West connection with this very special Seasons in the Sun by a group that I am not familiar with. I think they are called the Chumpwagon Specials, but I am also certain that they are not appreciating the subtleties of the Terry Jacks original. Also, I’m impressed by the casual cartwheeling done by suit boy #3, because those are some white suits and it could have been a Stainfighter™ situation with all that grass. Be that as it may, it most certainly is a Freshmaker™ situation.