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You’ll Disappear-The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Likely a dance punk outfit that realized it would be more fun to be a groove/minimalist funk/space disco band than a rock band pretending to play techno, these guys I might guess are a fun show. I saw this vid at Amandagon, and this particular track makes me want to take fake pills and fake smoke but everything else can be very real. The lead vocalist on this track is only guesting and I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet, so no info there.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart-St. Etienne (Neil Young cover)

There is no more 90’s song than this. The definition of apathy, lazy noodling for half-assed dancing. Soulless yet somehow still awesome. Relentlessly repetitive, yet non-committal.

Come On (N Ride It) (The Train Song)-Quad City DJs

I don’t think I can possibly comment on how awesome this clip is. I double dog dare Gavin M. to top this total excellence.

Besides already being the most awesome song in the history of produced sound waves, in a Three Bulls! exclusive, we offer to you the very first but banned-edit of the Quad City DJs Train Song.

Graduated from Boone’s, up the Hennessey, indeed.

This one goes out to Snag, wherever he may be on these internets. Song of the Day’s mission will be to degrade him, somewhat constantly.