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Youth Without Youth-Metric

I don’t know if the zombie will like this one, but it is a “nice 70s glam stomper” filtered through some Electro Buck Rogers as maybe people say about this stuff. Realistically it is like a military new wave with some Goldfrappian touches, but I dig Goldfrapp so I think this is nice. What I don’t necessarily love is that a band commentary track released with this a few weeks back talked about kids being crushed under student loan debt as relating to the song, and this line has kind of been bandied about in reviews. The lyrics strike me as being a lot tougher than student loans. Weirdly I could see Muse Glenn Becking this song up, (without their own consent of course). What am I talking about? SONG OF THE DAY

Black Plastic-Ladytron


I have always liked Ladytron, but in my busy life I maybe download some of their older albums and forget to listen so Pandora serves it up and I am all “LIKE” and then I realize I own it and am happy. Black plastic touching my plastic. Bleep bloop. So good.

You’ll Disappear-The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Likely a dance punk outfit that realized it would be more fun to be a groove/minimalist funk/space disco band than a rock band pretending to play techno, these guys I might guess are a fun show. I saw this vid at Amandagon, and this particular track makes me want to take fake pills and fake smoke but everything else can be very real. The lead vocalist on this track is only guesting and I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet, so no info there.


How these guys could ever be huge under any circumstances has always been odd to me. well, the english and their dance rock. Their NME created arch-nemeses Jesus Jones to me had the more interesting production and an album packed with alt radio ready dance tracks, while EMF had ????? and Profit!. For both EMF and Jesus Jones, I liked the second singles better than the first smashes. This was EMFs second single (only hit 18) after “Unbelievable” went to number 1. An early 90’s fave for the grandparents in the audience.

We’re Only Science-Dot Allison

This song might work if science were like CSI in ultra modern sleek super discos with supremely attractive people taking each other’s DNA samples and what not. The beat you hear is the slow throbbing of geekly loins. Sad. It’s not really like that in real labs all the time. Or ever. Keep on dreaming sexy science studs and babes!

Remember I Was Vapour (Live)-Gary Numan

Android Elvis silicon cowboy peddling machine sex in Brighton, or possibly wistfully considering his machine defects or being human after all. For all the raves the Daft Punk get for their probably amazing live show, this particular model robot really just totally owns the stage and fully owned and realized the roboticity of it all. If I were only not 6 at the time of his ’79 tour. Dear Mum and Dad take me Gary Numan! It is my fervent desire that I wear Reynolds Wrap to the show. I must be shiny and metallic!

Bonus: Me, I Disconnect From You

Justice – Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (ft. Uffie)

I heard this track twice on WOXY and can’t stop listening to it. Initially, I thought it was some bizarre cover or remix of an existing song – I can’t quite explain why I thought it had the lyrics to that insipid Pink song, but it doesn’t. At any rate, I find this track super interesting for all sorts of reasons. The rhythm of the voice is entirely off and intentionally so. Syllables are stretched, repeated, and slaughtered in an almost random way. The whole meter of the song is uneven and that’s what I love. The instrumentation is dark and electronic and simmers without a hip-hop backing until the last part of the song, where it finally lets loose a danceable beat. They lyrics are funny and hedonistic, as if you couldn’t possibly take it seriously.

As most of you know, this is a genre I know NOTHING about. I don’t know the personalities, influences, or politics. What I do know is that people seem to hate Uffie (who collaborates with Justice on this track only) passionately. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure they have good reasons. It could be backlash against a young, cute, white “rapper”, whose other songs sound to me like utter disasters; but I’m not judging her music here, only her collaboration with Justice. The Indie media seems to like them enough, with many comparisons to Daft Punk. Anyway, there are some spectacularly funny rips on this track. This particular response made me laugh to no end. The article is titled The song that will hasten the worlds’ end. You have to read it after listening to the track.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart-St. Etienne (Neil Young cover)

There is no more 90’s song than this. The definition of apathy, lazy noodling for half-assed dancing. Soulless yet somehow still awesome. Relentlessly repetitive, yet non-committal.

Everythings Gone Green (1981 Live)-New Order

This vid, leaving aside its remarkable quality, makes Kraftwerk, Devo, any other robot bands really look like undisciplined, emotional Klingons compared to the icy disaffected inability to play their instruments creepy wonder bread of this standout early New Order track. Kind of like punk anti-punk. Really good.

plover adds:

From the same concert: “Ceremony”, then “Truth”

I Am The Resurrection-Stone Roses

For Ann Emu.

Your tongue is far too long
I dont like the way it sucks and slurps upon my every word

Dont waste your words I dont need anything from you
I dont care where youve been or what you plan to do

I am the resurrection and I am the light
I couldnt ever bring myself to hate you as Id like

I am the resurrection and I am the light
I couldnt ever bring myself to hate you as Id like

This gist is that you’d need to be the big J to deal with her ridiculousness.

Deceptacon-Le Tigre

It is hard for me to listen to the non-mashup-ed with Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” version. Not that they are that different. It is just that the Missy song goes great with this riot grrl total jam. TOTAL JAM. I said it.

Ride a White Horse-Goldfrapp

Allison Goldfrapp is kind of creepy. She usually plays various characters in her videos. This one is called “Zombie Suzanne Somers.” teh l4m3 will accuse us of bucking the heteronormative overlords, again with this video, but the dudes in tightys at the end, I don’t even think he’d go for them. I kind of like Goldfrapp.

I See You Baby (Shaking that Ass)-Groove Armada

I’m not proud to admit that I used to kind of be enthralled with this video, but the song is still awesome. I don’t care how annoying it is. Sometimes you just need some Booty Shakewagon. Is there any club in the world like that that would let any of us in? Er I mean let me in? Answer: No. Time for Chuckles and Fulsome Star Trek marathon.

Groovy Train-The Farm

OK. This song has its time and its place. For many that time and place are maybe one time in some bar with 1991 Club Hits on the juke box and 99 cent Long Islands. What do you want, The Real McCoy? Sheesh. If you even know what I am talking about you are old and need to pick up the kids from day care. And you just got fired for reading a blog at work. I feel down. Maybe “Groovy Train” can pick me up?

UPDATE: someone nailed the realy GT vid at You Tube- here’s a replacement

I Used to Dance with My Daddy-Datarock

From what Pitchfork called the gayest album as in G.A.Y. capital G. and A and Y. I wouldn’t know. If Norwegian disco electro drawlers is gay, maybe. Who knows, maybe the rest of the album is about guys doing guys and dancing with their “daddys.” What I do know is there is a slightly sped up remix of this song that gives essentially the same song, an eensy bit punched up plus an extended kind of trippy outro that singlehandedly legitimizes all remixes evar. Awesome. Original can be found here.


The simplicity and conservative nature of the “time lapse for techno” approach by this You Tube DIYer actually works for the throwback techno epic “Cowgirl”. Always an old fave, probably considered cheesy due to the fact it was on the Hackers soundtrack. Good song for a jog and the vid gives you that going to the planetarium in high school for Laser Floyd feel. The old hat of it all actually works. Thing is you can actually kind of dance to the song without needing either tranquilizers for some 300 bpm song, or its so damn boring you need to be Xed out of your gourd to stay awake.

Big Hollow Man-Danielle Dax

I have always loved this song that even when it came out sounded futuristic and retro at the same time. Now it is of course retro, but if you listen, there is quite a bit going on, but it only struck me yesterday what this song made me think of- Prince. If he were white and not purple, also, a crazed English sorceress. It has that glam/slam feel a little bit, overlayed with some sludgy electronics but also some proto-ambient touches in the middle. If Ms. Dax were more flexible and less Siouxsie-oriented, she could almost be the proto-Alison Goldfrapp (image is everything plus electro electro electro). If you listen to the words you can easily convince yourself it is about your favorite cobag. It wouldn’t be Bush, but Reagan would fit nicely. I have this on Dark Adapted Eye, which might be a compilation. UPDATE– I just did some research for you my hearties. DAE is the Sire-US release of her first album, expanded with bonus tracks etc.

Big Hollow Man-Danielle Dax

Dominion-Sisters of Mercy

So Pop MF Renaissance of his like-named blog, is off to see SoM tonight. These Goths were kind of the epitome of Goth- songs dripping with cold drama, never as hard as you imagined when you heard the term Goth- maybe you were thinking Visigoth? More morose than mopey, I love these guys. This is my fave Sisters tune here, relentless drum machine, heavy sounding ominous Andrew Eldritch being all obscure about something, the vid is awesome of course in I have to say going towards cheese way, but if you think of the time it is basically perfect. Normally this song segues into “Mother Russia” but you just get “Dominion” here. I have this off their A Slight Case of Overbombing comp, and I recommend it as a nice taste of their ouevre. Have fun at the show tonight, cobag, even though you saw them last month!

Clipped/Fait Accompli-Curve

Fait Accompli was the lead single in the US from Curve’s debut Doppelganger. Having followed some more original and adventurous EPs, some were turned off by the monochrom feel of this album and it’s essentially 8 versions of one song and two additional songs. I will give them that description, but it’s one of those albums that sounds so good, that you don’t mind that they all sound of a certain kind a la a Strokes CD, or say Jesus and Mary Chain. Here’s Trouser Press for more on the band. My faves from this album are “Think and Act” “Ice That Melts the Tips” “Fait Accompli” and the next video “Clipped” and I agree with Trouser that the follow up, Cuckoo was their masterpiece. The band, mostly a duo, were known for both their production and the aesthetics of their lead singer, Toni Halliday. The female guitarist in this clip joined Echobelly after this album.

So here is “Clipped”, while this song appeared on Doppelganger, it was from the earlier Cherry EP and can be found on the US EP Comp Pubic Fruit. I prefer their other two EPs, Galaxy and Frozen, but get the compilation.

I was trying to find “Superblaster” from Cuckoo, but couldn’t locate it. So for more Seitz fun, here’s Superblast! by Lush for comparison. They seem a little tame, but I like the riff (more when Stereolab does it).

Slang Teacher-Wide Boy Awake

So Gavin M. and myself are waging a war of attrition. The skirmishes have consisted of an interchange of 80’s obscurities. The goal: guess the band and/or song. The underdog, I rely on quick feints at the edge of Messr. Gavin’s fraying, genius mind. He, the overdog, relies on the massive blindspot known as my lack of musical knowledge. So far the battles have included:

Gavin M.: Bluebells‘ “Cath” (a friendly exhortation to eat it cobag because I didn’t know it)

Pinko: Freur “Devil and Darkness” (implied EAT IT COBAG since he should have known it)

Gavin M.: Orange Juice “Rip It Up” (completely awesome, but a definite EAT IT COBAG HOW MUCH DO YOU SUCK from the master, because how could it be possible that I didn’t know it)

Pinko: Thrashing Doves “Beautiful Imbalance” (oh, now who is the master of obscure and forgotten?)

Everything has been a skirmish up to including the recent exhchange:

Gavin M.: Wide Boy Awake-Slang Teacher

Holy crap. Of course I didn’t guess it as this band never even had an album. As an artifact people might be all, this sucks, it’s English White Boy Hip-Hop from 1983!!!!!! What I might point out to you cobags, is the first 10 seconds could easily be Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” or New Order’s “Perfect Kiss” and it probably predates them both. And it’s got spacey walled up behind the cheese casiotone and of course some slappy bass. These oddities are actually important to remember before Clear Channel completely erases all musical history.

What’s next? I’m gonna take a risk and try….

(pop renaissance- you have the raw material to feed my desire to crush G., please help me out)