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The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness-Alabama 3 (John Prine cover)

I’m not sure if I was hearing the John Prine original or some more modern country take on this laid back lemonadey summertime country rambler. I do enjoy the Alabama 3 (Sopranos theme song purveyors’) version (here at hype machine). I heard someone doing a version while tooling around the AM dial on a sports talk station that after they sign off with the sports seems to go some kind of country. I thought the song would make a great theme song for a long lost 70s or 80s PI show, you know about the ex-cop or con, or vietnam vet, or both or two of the three, who has a small PI business, or maybe is a drifter doing odd jobs, solving crimes all over the country, making the ladies happy (natch) but always doing his own thing. It is the kind of show that I would keep checking Hulu to see if they had added yet, and I’d be a little nervous if it were as good as I remembered, but deep down I would still love it no matter what.