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Pony-Far (Ginuwine cover)- Filthbot edition

Saw lots of people “Yes on 8” demonstrating today. Disappointing. I dedicate this song to them. GC is much more familiar with the original, which she calls the “burping song” based on the sample/hook. I always am dumbfounded by her claims because I never know what song she is talking about. Lo and behold we heard this cover on the radio this very day. So to all the “Yes on 8’ers” with their deep, dark predilections and their bigoted world views, ride your ponies.

All Mixed Up (Cars cover)-Red House Painters

I caught the last two or so minutes of the original Cars song on the radio the other night. I’d never heard the original, and I can say I don’t think the versions are coming from the same place. The Red House Painters’ version made a splash on a Gap ad a bunch of years ago. Video is here. Mark Kozalek of the House Painters has a way of making a cover of any song sound like a Red House Painters original, thus awesomely mope-a-dope.

Here’s the orginal Cars, which is not sucky, but is perhaps a weird mix of Tom Petty, Styx and what the Cars would be. Oh, it’s a Dragonball Z amine fanvid, which is incongruous, to say the least.

Kanga-Roo – This Mortal Coil

Cinematic 80’s androgynous Goth wonderland. From the aptly named It’ll End in Tears. The 4AD record label house collective playing around with your heart in the studio. Your broken heart would have spread the mope-tastic contagion via mixtape to all of your friends (sadly, without privileges). Substitute “you” for “me” and “would have” for “would have, if I had known the song.” Get your mope on folks, this is our one life, live it to the mopest! This song is ultra awesome.

UPDATE– even more awesome, this is a Big Star cover from the third Big Star album, which I do not yet own.

Only Love Can Break Your Heart-St. Etienne (Neil Young cover)

There is no more 90’s song than this. The definition of apathy, lazy noodling for half-assed dancing. Soulless yet somehow still awesome. Relentlessly repetitive, yet non-committal.

Modern Love – Last Town Chorus

Yep, it’s that Modern Love. Only this time, it’s slowed way down, and played by a really hot chick with a steel guitar. And she’s even prettier in person.

Last Town Chorus is pretty much Megan Hickey and whoever she happens to have playing with her at the time. She just finished a stint opening for Michael Penn (whom I saw tonight), but it’s my understanding that she’ll be on her own tour sometime next month, at least in select cities.

This is one of those weird covers in that, for it’s style, it stays fairly faithful to the original. It doesn’t get all weird or anything. Contrast that with Grant Lee Phillips’ cover of Wave of Mutilation, which isn’t really GLP style (all singer-songwritery), but more almost calypso, which actually really works for that song. Still, if you heard someone playing it, you’d probably do a double take after the first verse because it wouldn’t hit you right away. Unfortunately, the studio recording doesn’t really capture how overwhelming the steel guitar is in person.

This is really a plug more than anything, because not only was she pleasant to listen to, and pleasant to look at, and kinda funny, she was very nice in person. And she sold me her CD, and signed it for me, and chatted briefly. She’s my new ‘rock’ crush.

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division / performed by June Tabor & Oysterband

Both June Tabor and Oysterband are mostly known for (British) folk music. However, they often seem to do things from other genres when they get together. There’s a cracking version of Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” on the album they did together — said joint album actually being the only thing I knew by either of them until recently.

It looks like Oysterband is now putting on these “Big Session” concerts every year, with this video being taken from the 2006 one. A live album was released of the first of these concerts which also includes this song. Sadly, it’s never been released in the US — I’d love to hear this with better sound quality.