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Savages-She Will

Second in my post about Master’s Theses of indie rock influence and sound amalgamation. I don’t want to knock critical fave Savages, because they clearly have a tuneful yet ferocious approach, but no matter how excellent the song (and this live take on “She Will” is definitely compelling), it has a “created in a lab” feel that I just can’t shake. Peter Hook bass (but also early U2), New Order beat shuffled through dance punk, driving chiming guitars- Chameleons UK, Felt, and I am sure a bunch of others. Vocals are Siouxsie Sioux with a dash of Sinead and slight affectation like Sonya from Echobelly, and Karen Finley if anyone remembers the remix of Sinead’s “Jump in the River”. Drums are almost “Hollywood Nights” by Bob Seger when the drummer is just riding it in the beginning, and then she starts killing them. I love all of these sounds but only when the song is at its most driving does all the seams melt away and then I can just go with it. I love a lot of retro sounds, but I’m on the fence here because it can come across as prefabricated.

Kanga-Roo – This Mortal Coil

Cinematic 80’s androgynous Goth wonderland. From the aptly named It’ll End in Tears. The 4AD record label house collective playing around with your heart in the studio. Your broken heart would have spread the mope-tastic contagion via mixtape to all of your friends (sadly, without privileges). Substitute “you” for “me” and “would have” for “would have, if I had known the song.” Get your mope on folks, this is our one life, live it to the mopest! This song is ultra awesome.

UPDATE– even more awesome, this is a Big Star cover from the third Big Star album, which I do not yet own.

Digital-Joy Division

This might not make anyone want to hug a puppy. It is spare, dark and jagged. Somewhat relentless for Joy Division, and it is always tough to watch someone before they killed themselves. A Joy Division/Ian Curtis bio-pic just debuted at Cannes. I certainly expect this song to feature, it is one of their many high points.

Yin and Yang and the Flowerpot Man-Love and Rockets

Thanks, server for eating my post on this.

80’s psychedelic retro strum-a-dum atmospheric neo Cowboy “goth.” And the never cool David J. on bass, with the secretly cool Daniel Ash on vocals. Take that Robert Smith!

Dominion-Sisters of Mercy

So Pop MF Renaissance of his like-named blog, is off to see SoM tonight. These Goths were kind of the epitome of Goth- songs dripping with cold drama, never as hard as you imagined when you heard the term Goth- maybe you were thinking Visigoth? More morose than mopey, I love these guys. This is my fave Sisters tune here, relentless drum machine, heavy sounding ominous Andrew Eldritch being all obscure about something, the vid is awesome of course in I have to say going towards cheese way, but if you think of the time it is basically perfect. Normally this song segues into “Mother Russia” but you just get “Dominion” here. I have this off their A Slight Case of Overbombing comp, and I recommend it as a nice taste of their ouevre. Have fun at the show tonight, cobag, even though you saw them last month!