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Randy Newman – I Love L.A.

You will have to forgive me this (probably) one time indulgence. I was born in Southern California. I lived there for 25 years. Despite spending the most recent third of my life in the Midwest, the blood coursing through my veins is that of an Angeleno. Nearly 12 years in Chicago has done nothing to change that. This became all the more relevant on Wednesday night, when the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Detroit Red Wings, setting up a Western Conference Finals between the local Blackhawks (for whom my feelings vary between loathe and indifferent), and my Los Angeles Kings, a team I have loved since I was old enough to remember going to hockey games. The series begins tomorrow. Gonna be a fun two weeks!

The Kings play a snippet of this song after every goal, which is why I’ve chosen it. I still remember when this song came out. It was in the lead-up to the 1984 Olypmics in Los Angeles, and everyone was convinced that L.A. needed an official song, so Quincy Jones and some other people wrote a song for Frank Sinatra that would sound like New York, New York, or Chicago, My Kind of Town, or whatever. It really fell flat and no one liked it (at least that’s how I choose to remember it). But Randy Newman’s song, warts and all, really captured the L.A. aesthetic at the time, and resonated with the local populace. It was the like the music version of the era’s Showtime Lakers. It’s been a staple (no pun intended) at Kings and Lakers games ever since. It’s cheesy, but somehow this song always makes me feel connected to Los Angeles.

Go Kings!

Poker Face-Lady Gaga


Item the first: it seems abundantly clear that fish is not immune to the charms of this. And by fish, I mean fish. And by I mean fish, I mean fish and also maybe myself.

Item the second: she is rocking a blue, zardoesque number that cannot but charm Sir Jen.

It is a window roller-upper no doubt, but it is also a lonely car robot, wherein I do the robot to the song by myself in the car.

Pony-Far (Ginuwine cover)- Filthbot edition

Saw lots of people “Yes on 8” demonstrating today. Disappointing. I dedicate this song to them. GC is much more familiar with the original, which she calls the “burping song” based on the sample/hook. I always am dumbfounded by her claims because I never know what song she is talking about. Lo and behold we heard this cover on the radio this very day. So to all the “Yes on 8’ers” with their deep, dark predilections and their bigoted world views, ride your ponies.

That’s Not My Name-The Ting Tings

Never has such a seemingly annoying ditty have so much going on underneath the hood. I started paying attention at about 1:45. After about 2:45 you just have to give in. I’m sorry. Those are the breaks. Anything else would be last wordism.

Ah, Leah-Donnie Iris

A song that seems familiar, but seems like it missed the Classic Rock stations when I was growing up (too new, 1981, I guess) so now it is sneaking into the cheese rock formats that don’t play too much Crüe and still play stuff like Steve Miller, etc. This song is Song of the Day mostly because I knew that Girl Talk was sampling something in the song “Friday Night” where he overlays Juelz Santana riffing on The Waitress “I Know What Boys Like” from the remix of Chris Brown’s “Run It” on top of something. We in turned sampled that bit from our Jonah Goldberg battle rap. So I heard “Ah, Leah” on the radio this weekend, and now I know where the cool part comes from (1:37 to 1:53 in the vid below). The song is relatively slick AOR for 1981. The woman in the video does, as someone mentioned on YouTube, look like she’s trying to poop.

The best part is that I allowed serendipity to identify the sample for me, although Wikipedia ruins all the fun/saves the day and has the entire Night Ripper sample list (it is extensive).

What’s Next to the Moon-AC/DC

Not even inscrutable totally standard, terrible AC/DC misogynist lyrics (BUT HE LOVES WOMEN!!!). Sadly, as usual, Angus craps out a footlong vegemite sandwich loaf of chunky riffage and I am hooked. It is a bad, bad habit.

Common Ft. Lily Allen – Drivin’ Me Wild

This song is for Pinko Punko, whose insatiable appetite for all things Lily Allen probably needs some sating. Overall, a good song, but not an amazing song. I just can’t get over the relentless high piano chords that accompany Lily Allen’s excellent backing. Common seems pretty harmless – at times almost funny, but at worse just a groaner (I mean she has some D’s on her, but they weren’t fake, though [with accompanying finger wagging]). I do have to say that Lily Allen is well-used in the video: prototypic gowns and even an astronaut getup. Sweet. At any rate, I dare anyone to listen all the way through this and not have those piano chords stuck in their head.

Rockford Files Theme

dEN is all over this tune. Seriously, the epitome of cool. James Garner rules your world.

We’re Only Science-Dot Allison

This song might work if science were like CSI in ultra modern sleek super discos with supremely attractive people taking each other’s DNA samples and what not. The beat you hear is the slow throbbing of geekly loins. Sad. It’s not really like that in real labs all the time. Or ever. Keep on dreaming sexy science studs and babes!

Justice – Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (ft. Uffie)

I heard this track twice on WOXY and can’t stop listening to it. Initially, I thought it was some bizarre cover or remix of an existing song – I can’t quite explain why I thought it had the lyrics to that insipid Pink song, but it doesn’t. At any rate, I find this track super interesting for all sorts of reasons. The rhythm of the voice is entirely off and intentionally so. Syllables are stretched, repeated, and slaughtered in an almost random way. The whole meter of the song is uneven and that’s what I love. The instrumentation is dark and electronic and simmers without a hip-hop backing until the last part of the song, where it finally lets loose a danceable beat. They lyrics are funny and hedonistic, as if you couldn’t possibly take it seriously.

As most of you know, this is a genre I know NOTHING about. I don’t know the personalities, influences, or politics. What I do know is that people seem to hate Uffie (who collaborates with Justice on this track only) passionately. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure they have good reasons. It could be backlash against a young, cute, white “rapper”, whose other songs sound to me like utter disasters; but I’m not judging her music here, only her collaboration with Justice. The Indie media seems to like them enough, with many comparisons to Daft Punk. Anyway, there are some spectacularly funny rips on this track. This particular response made me laugh to no end. The article is titled The song that will hasten the worlds’ end. You have to read it after listening to the track.

AEIOU Sometimes Y – EBN-OZN

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

This is perhaps the last genre of music that anybody would guess me doing a SoftD in, but I heard it on my iPod, and I can’t get it out of my head. This short-lived New Age duo made something so quintessential ’80s and funny that it didn’t seem fair not to relish in its campiness. The story is kind of funny, especially featuring a Lola(!) and the synths are full-on, but the kicker is the chorus. It’s so rhythmically perfect. A. E. I. O. U. Some. Times. Y. I think the video cuts off part of the song, but you can email Pinko and he’ll give you the full version.

I See You Baby (Shaking that Ass)-Groove Armada

I’m not proud to admit that I used to kind of be enthralled with this video, but the song is still awesome. I don’t care how annoying it is. Sometimes you just need some Booty Shakewagon. Is there any club in the world like that that would let any of us in? Er I mean let me in? Answer: No. Time for Chuckles and Fulsome Star Trek marathon.

In a Room-Dodgy

We continue our Britpop phase with some lads that I heard occasionally on Rock Over London. First off, don’t appear in your own vid if:

A) Horatio Sans is your drummer.

B) Your song is the harmless, catchy, bright “In A Room” and you have a tatoo that can only conflict with the totally untoughness of the song that really should be played by the English version of overachiving teenaged Hansons.

C) You look like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Gavmo slipped me this song and I do love it in the way that I love all sorts of Britpop.

Quiver (Arrows in My)/Do You Wanna Hold Me-Bow Wow Wow

Leaving aside for one small moment the cartoonish offensiveness of the subject matter (Malcolm McLaren casting teenaged Annabella Lwin yet again as the sex kitten, this time in a kitschy, sad coloring book of Native American imagery; the usual “knock” on BWW for “borrowing” African drumming), this song is somehow spellbinding. Outside of the lyrics, which could have easily cast Annabella in a castle, igloo, Mongolian steppe tent, Russian monestary, you name it, the retro, otherworldly guitar creeps up slowly followed by the frolicing beat and uber-surfy bass. Then the brassy yelps about finding a way to keep warm at night and to make some whoopee. Its more about the music than the words, it is a romp through the flowers.

Here is my second fave BWW song below, which is similar to Q(AiM) (all the parts are the same).

Do You Wanna Hold Me?-Bow Wow Wow

Twilight Zone-Golden Earring

For some reason I think Blue Girl would sing this in the car. First of all this song sounds much more new wave than I remember. Second of all, the video is awesome. Third of all, I had no idea what “uncensored” meant in relation to this video. This is a slab of 80s pop rock, cheesy because of its era, but relatively uncheesy when you compare it to its neighbors. Plus, you just kind of give in to it towards the end, because if it comes on the radio, odds are if the old school and today’s R and B station is playing the latter and can’t bail you out with the Daz Band or “Flashlight” or “Give it To Me, Baby” you’re gonna be listening to it. And then it is in your head.

Twilight Zone-Golden Earring

I Hear You Calling-Gob

Harmless little Canadian pop-punk ditty. I picture annie-a blasting it while she screens Shoelimpy’s calls (spiderwebs, baby!). And dancing about the place. Anyway, in the vid, the zombies get theirs.

i’ve seen you now about the fourth time baby
but you know that i’ve got nothing to say
its so charming to look on your face but your eyes
inviting something i just can’t do now i’ve been around
about you hood i’m looking for you just to shine some light
on my day feels like ages since i’ve been out your way
i’ve been caught up with handful of new sensation

i hear you calling calling for me out in the night but it’s all
bad and i know that

i’ve seen you now about the fifth time baby
but you know that i’ve got nothing to say
its so charming to look on your face but your eyes
inviting something i just can’t do now i’ve been around
about you hood i’m looking for you just to shine some light
on my day feels like ages since i’ve been out your way
i’ve been caught up with handful of new sensation

i hear you calling, calling for me out in the night
but it’s all bad and i know that (x’s 5)

I Hear You Calling-GOB

Come On (N Ride It) (The Train Song)-Quad City DJs

I don’t think I can possibly comment on how awesome this clip is. I double dog dare Gavin M. to top this total excellence.

Besides already being the most awesome song in the history of produced sound waves, in a Three Bulls! exclusive, we offer to you the very first but banned-edit of the Quad City DJs Train Song.

Graduated from Boone’s, up the Hennessey, indeed.

This one goes out to Snag, wherever he may be on these internets. Song of the Day’s mission will be to degrade him, somewhat constantly.

Classic Week- In the Year 2525-Zager and Evans/Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks

This is a special request for Parrotline. Some AM gold that when you catch yourself listening to the words as it comes on the super oldies (nowadays) station and you first think they are happy songs, and then you realize WHAT THE **** are they singing about? Nuclear winter? Murdered girlfriend? Seriously, you actually have to try not to drive into some sort of embankment or off a cliff. The first is the Zager and Evans classic “In the Year 2525” where they catalog man and womankind’s deathspiral into the future. Especially discomforting are the jumps of thousands of years, certainly up to 8510, I mean, you are expecting 8585 based on the previous verses, but then only 8510- oh yeah, God is deciding whether to wipe the slate clean. Hopefully the delightful Snag will fill out the commentary on these tracks in comments. This is the new Parrotline theme song. Nice!

In the Year 2525-Zager and Evans

So here’s another version, a You Tube especiale- the anime/video game version. As if the song couldn’t get any creepier, they do it here.

Here is another one that goes right for the jugular, it’s as if a cult is slaughtering you neighborhood while pounding special K and X. Do not listen to this while driving or drunk, if you are prone to melancholy or have recently been kicked to the curb or lost a loved one to a meteorite strike.

Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks

We continue with an East-West connection with this very special Seasons in the Sun by a group that I am not familiar with. I think they are called the Chumpwagon Specials, but I am also certain that they are not appreciating the subtleties of the Terry Jacks original. Also, I’m impressed by the casual cartwheeling done by suit boy #3, because those are some white suits and it could have been a Stainfighter™ situation with all that grass. Be that as it may, it most certainly is a Freshmaker™ situation.

Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me – The Pipettes

First things first, the name of the band. It isn’t really possible that this English girl group might be talking about devices used to transfer liquids, is it? I mean, I love pipettes – especially the P20 ones. I’m guessing, though, that they thought it would be a cute little variation on pipes (the voice kind), but all feminized and cutesy. Doesn’t matter. Points for a good band name.

Just watch the video, which can be found here. In fairness, I found this track through our nemeses at doucheforkmedia, and their review of the track is pretty good. So read that instead of whatever inanity I come up with. But it’s all about the chorus. Holy sh*t, it’s good. It’s what would happen if the Go! Team worked on Unchained Melody. And better. The wall of sound™ is so good. Pinko should like this track, although I don’t know if the ’80s-obsessed kind will care for it. It’s new music for an older time.

[Alternatively, video is right here -ed.]:

Slang Teacher-Wide Boy Awake

So Gavin M. and myself are waging a war of attrition. The skirmishes have consisted of an interchange of 80’s obscurities. The goal: guess the band and/or song. The underdog, I rely on quick feints at the edge of Messr. Gavin’s fraying, genius mind. He, the overdog, relies on the massive blindspot known as my lack of musical knowledge. So far the battles have included:

Gavin M.: Bluebells‘ “Cath” (a friendly exhortation to eat it cobag because I didn’t know it)

Pinko: Freur “Devil and Darkness” (implied EAT IT COBAG since he should have known it)

Gavin M.: Orange Juice “Rip It Up” (completely awesome, but a definite EAT IT COBAG HOW MUCH DO YOU SUCK from the master, because how could it be possible that I didn’t know it)

Pinko: Thrashing Doves “Beautiful Imbalance” (oh, now who is the master of obscure and forgotten?)

Everything has been a skirmish up to including the recent exhchange:

Gavin M.: Wide Boy Awake-Slang Teacher

Holy crap. Of course I didn’t guess it as this band never even had an album. As an artifact people might be all, this sucks, it’s English White Boy Hip-Hop from 1983!!!!!! What I might point out to you cobags, is the first 10 seconds could easily be Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” or New Order’s “Perfect Kiss” and it probably predates them both. And it’s got spacey walled up behind the cheese casiotone and of course some slappy bass. These oddities are actually important to remember before Clear Channel completely erases all musical history.

What’s next? I’m gonna take a risk and try….

(pop renaissance- you have the raw material to feed my desire to crush G., please help me out)