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Supernaut-1000 Homo DJ’s

I know this is a repee, but somebody finally posted some animation vid of a Ministry live version of this Al Jourgensen side project, and. and nothing. Time to rock dog it with a riff that sounds like molten bagpipes shooting shrapnel indiscriminately.

Got no religion, don’t need no friends
Got all I want and I don’t need to pretend
Don’t try to reach me, cause I’d tear up your mind
I’ve seen the future and I’ve left it behind

Word to the emus.

Blues From A Gun-The Jesus and Mary Chain

Yes Automatic was maligned, perhaps it was too uniform, perhaps too well-oiled. But none of that matters now because when people like to make noise these day it’s some wierd Mogwai/Sigur Ros space hybrid with exploding asteroids and icebergs calving from glaciers. Yawn. How ’bout four minutes of grinderoo and insincere blow offs of finely sculpted Robert Smith mop-tops. Perfect soundtrack for your demolition derby video starring disaffected 80s revivalist hipster teen.

Supernaut-Black Sabbath/1000 Homo DJs

The distorted monolithic sludge-grind that kind of sounds like bagpipes of the Al Jourgensen (Ministry) side-project 1000 Homo DJs take on the Sabbath stomper is really a classic cover. Completely faithful the the cartoonish deviltry of the original, yet firmly ensconced in the ouevre of the coverers. Jourgensen probably sings on the original release, after some sort of legal problem keeping Trent Reznor’s vocal on the thing. This is actually covered in Wikipedia, which delights me to know end. Thing I love about the Sabbath original is that it feels like Ozzy’s part of the band. The monomaniacal focus on whatever creepy apocalyptic shroom-induced riff-fest Ozzy’s singing about- they are all on the same page. I love both versions, but actually think the 1000 Homo DJs take is a nice update but unfrotunately is the song that basically invented the White Zombie sound.

Below we have a You Tube classic! Sabbath and Sky Captain, together! I don’t relaly know what this person was thinking, but it allows you to hear the tune.