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Von, Shannon and OG weigh in with a MASTERPIECE!

It is kind of fun to tell certain people where to shove their Cookie Jesus disapproved cookies. Personal sidenote: I was mere blocks away from this acoustical travesty when it was shot. Thanks, WBCN munchwagons!!

Alone Again, Naturally-Gilbert O’Sullivan

To continue our very flexible Classic “Week”, we bring you a song mentioned by tg in the comments for the Zager and Evans extravaganza. See the theme this week is happyish sounding songs that make you wanna open a vein. I think I remember this one, but as my folks were hippies, we didn’t really have AM Gold piped into our brains. It was side 2 of Abbey Road, basically, and Nilsson’s The Point for us unwashed Punkos. I know. At this point you think I grew up in a commune suckled at some goat’s teat. Eat it, cobags.

Anyhow, we give this as a shout out to Chuckles, asking him not to be this guy, this guy in the song. Choose Life, Chuck!

Alone Again, Naturally-Gilbert O’Sullivan