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Summertime Clothes-Animal Collective

I needed to wait until posting this wasn’t seen as hipster, then I needed to avoid the accusation of bandwagon, then there was the minefield of the inevitable backlash. I hope I am in the realm of indifference/old news, but am likely in the land of poseur.

Creepy and psychedelic video for a surprisingly 80s-esque experimental art-wave straight up lovey dovey song about walking around at night in the city when it is too hot to sleep in your unstated 4th floor Brooklyn walk-up or some such. Works best for our Northeastern urban areas, 80s Sprite commercial type zones and from the Loop up to Wrigleyville. It is really a good tune.

Music for a Found Harmonium – Penguin Cafe Orchestra

This has been used a number of times in movies and movie trailers, but, as far as I’m aware, the first use was in a 1986 Australian comedy called Malcolm, about a reclusive, tram-obsessed inventor who ends up with a couple of bank robbers as boarders. It’s sort of like a cross between A Fish Called Wanda and The Wrong Trousers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the film (and for all I know everyone here already is), it’s one that I expect most 3B readers would enjoy. (And it’s been too long since I’ve seen it. I also can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned in any other blog discussions.) It’s charming, low-key, and contains probably the most unusual heist scene ever filmed — with possibly (but only possibly) the exception of The Wrong Trousers. It’s also the sort of movie that seems like the less you know before seeing it, the better. I’ll provide a couple of links, but, really, you should just go see it without any preview.

The American trailer is on YouTube, but it’s kind of annoying and reveals a couple of the best lines. There’s also a clip of one of the good scenes (dubbed in Spanish though) — this is a little better as it at least shows things in context.

Bonus Penguin Cafe Orchestra track: “Telephone and Rubber Band” which has also been used in movies (including Malcolm) and ads and such and was sampled by a 90s indy band. According to Wikipedia: “The tape loop was recorded when [PCO founder Simon] Jeffes was making a phone call, and discovered that he was hearing a combination of a ring tone and an engaged signal at the same time, due to a fault in the system. He recorded it on an answering machine.”

Me and My Arrow-Harry Nilsson

I’d love for the ‘fork to review this these days from a new band. You could flip a coin on the 8.5 GENIUS/5.1 DERIVATIVE ASS score. I heart this.


So pleasant, so festive! Ahh, relax and hit the nog, dudes and dudettes.

Thanks, fishwagon.

The Sweater-Meryn Cadell

100% A+ for implementation and delivery. For what this song is, a spoken word retro-pastiche satire of heteronomative teen angst and the deep desire for conformity impressed upon impressionable youth. Also, for some reason Jeff Gannon reminded us way back about this tune, and now we can bring the you tuber.

Peacebone-Animal Collective

WARNING: Creepy, expensive video to stylistic U-turn of a song from a band that appears to be taking the piss out of You Tube. For some it will be as unlistenable as the previous Song of the Day. It starts going after the first minute or so, and you might want to not watch the video. Yikes. The trolly comments on the You Tube page are priceless. One guy is just going to town on how much he hates this song.