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Car Radio-Spoon

Pandora birthed this effortless Spoon guitar triumphalism it’s so easy everything is perfect we are Spoon suck it talentless audience were are awesome Spoon who are you you are sad yeah I am but Spoon doesn’t even break a sweat it is so easy hey want to be pals really yeah wow you we be pals with me yeah we are Spoon we love everyone doesn’t everyone?

WARNING: Fan video.

NOTE: They won me over with the ol’ glass of milk gambit. Plus Spoon.

I Can’t Stand It-Telepathe

1:02 in hits like a girl group My Bloody Valentine crossover. Maybe a little more Slowdive-y. Can’t say I love the album, but this song is so wonderful. We loved this track when it brightened our day in the P-Fork top 100 tracks of 2008, but the album showed up on eMusic and I loved it all over again.

Two Ways Out-Darker My Love

Kind of an amiable ramble from these new psych drone hipsters not necessarily prone to this sort of pop reverie. The key part of the song is the refrain that tips into a different tone from the rest of the piece, somewhere different, something portending unspoken something, but vague in the best way, where you can supply your own palimpsest. Kind of reminds me of the Baxter Dury we did here.

“There’s one thing you should know, there’s always two ways out.”

I Need Direction – Teenage Fanclub

A year or so ago, a post came up on some site (maybe this one?) where PP admitted to listening to this song. This is arguably my favorite Teenage Fanclub Song. From the melody, to the bridge, to the Ba Ba Bas, it’s perfect pop music.

This is a band that I’ll admit to not really getting at first. They had a song or two that I liked, most notably Starsign and I Don’t Know from Bandwagonesque. But the singles (The Concept and What You Do to Me) just sounded boring and repetitive. And without a good background in the genre, this is a band that may sound hit or miss. But like the Posies, after spending a lot of time listening to Big Star, everything sort of makes sense. This song is probably the best of the group from this era that includes Ain’t That Enough, I Don’t Want Control of You, and Accidental Life.

Anyway, thank PP for this one. Sorry for the choppy version. The album track is better.

Too Too Too Fast-Ra Ra Riot

It’s about time we had a band mining Outfield, Rick Springfield, Cory Hart territory. Pretty well done for what it is.

Outfield for the young ones.

Fleet Foxes – Quiet Houses

A perhaps more obscure track from the Foxes deservedly-accoladed s/t debut. The first 2.5 minutes sound like vintage My Morning Jacket, but maybe more hypnotic. Then the piece shifts into a classic Brian Wilson Smiles-era instrumental. Wonderful composition throughout. Even though Pinko Punko says that he doesn’t like the instrumental stuff, I know he secretly loves this.

That’s Not My Name-The Ting Tings

Never has such a seemingly annoying ditty have so much going on underneath the hood. I started paying attention at about 1:45. After about 2:45 you just have to give in. I’m sorry. Those are the breaks. Anything else would be last wordism.

Baxter Dury-Francesca’s Party

Baxter Dury is the seemingly reclusive son of pub punk fave Ian Dury (Blockheads). Considering the quality here on this poppier, more direct version of his psychedelic and hazy musings, I am sad that he’s only available on import and possibly out of print. He’s got a MySpace page (well a couple, here’s the new one and the old one). The new one has some lovely and wonderful demos. The thing that made me most sad is that this is the kind of artist that Pop Renaissance would either love or tell us about, but he just doesn’t seem to be around. I think Seitz would dig this too.

Parachute Woman/Jig-Saw Puzzle-Rolling Stones

Love these two from Beggar’s Banquet. The Rock and Roll Circus (live) version of “Parachute Woman” is decent and on YouTube, but it loses an edge, as opposed to gaining one as many songs do. Just some skeezy blues (the former) and some Dylan apery (the latter), but quite good.


I lied. Ultra creepy.

Another version, in case the above doesn’t work. They should have used this song in “Zodiac”.

The Sweater-Meryn Cadell

100% A+ for implementation and delivery. For what this song is, a spoken word retro-pastiche satire of heteronomative teen angst and the deep desire for conformity impressed upon impressionable youth. Also, for some reason Jeff Gannon reminded us way back about this tune, and now we can bring the you tuber.

On The Road Again-Canned Heat

Something about hippies playing blues with an otherworldly voiced lead singer is the ne pas ultra of creepy yet awesome. Extra creepy bonus points: the lead singer looks like ultra creepy dude I worked with one time named Francis, who kept a little black book in his back pocket to note instances where the world slighted him. I kind of thought of that book as his murder list.

Some Velvet Morning-Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra

Cool and entirely creepy. The Nutter just turned me onto a song that somehow I have missed. If you do not know, Lee Hazlewood passed this year and his voice resides in a smoky velveteen cave, smoother than Neil Diamond, more restrained, similar to latter day Ian McCulloch (Echo and the Bunnymen). The song is interesting in so many ways. Also note the complete lack of autotune. I would love to hear an Ian McCulloch/Camera Obscura cover of this tune.

Nicole Atkins & the Sea – The Party’s Over

So the other night I found my new indie crush, and it’s probably not an exclusive thing seeing as how she was in an American Express commercial that was pretty widely circulated. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize that before she opened for the Raveonettes (who have a crush-worthy babe of their own).

Nicole Atkins is originally from Neptune, New Jersey, and despite having grown up a metal-head, she’s turned herself into quite the crooner, with a country/classical sounding voice that seems somewhat out of place, yet oddly perfect for the retro-pop that she’s made her calling card (no pun intended). The song selected is both the best song available on her myspace page (though Brooklyn is Burning is a close second), and the song used in the AMEX commercial.

Her style was a welcome lead-in the Raveonettes, who have found their own niche with 50s/60s style surf-rock/motown as delivered by the Jesus and Mary Chain/My Bloody Valentine (listen to Noisy Summer and you’ll be trying to drain the feedback from your skull for a week). It was an evening from another time, like the Rat Pack opening for Buddy Holly if he were joined on-stage by Dick Dale.

Her new album is due out later this month, and she’ll be on Letterman on the 30th. She’s also very easy to look at for a 40 minute set. I’ll be honest, this isn’t normally the type of stuff I go in for. It’s more my sister’s speed, but there’s something about it I’m really digging on. I’ll fully admit that after the formerly known as Mazarin and Simple Kid triumphs, I may be laying an egg on this one, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. I just can’t get this song out of my head.

Here’s the AMEX ad if you want to know what she looks like (she was hotter in person)

Sniper at the Gates of Heaven-The Black Angels

We had these guys on before. You know I have a soft spot for retro, sinister, fuzzy 60s-esque drug rock. If you’ve seen the R-rated red-band trailer for the Coen Brothers’ No Country For Old Men you’ve heard another tune off their album Passover, “Young Men Dead.” The lead singer recalls a Jim Morrison like voice without sounding like him, kind of the delivery I guess. This one is quite good, and if you like any one of their songs, you’ll like the album.

Bohemian Like You-Dandy Warhols

Does it make me a bad person if I know someone that owns the actually karaoke disc for this song (not just the video, which is in the form of a karaoke video)? Does it make me an even worse person if I’m the one that bought it? Sometimes you needs some “woos” and “ooh ooh oohs.” Seriously, eat it if you are not down with the derivative and awesome stylings of the Dandy Warhols. Marginally not safe for work- the clip is unedited, and I think I saw someone’s doodle!

AEIOU Sometimes Y – EBN-OZN

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

This is perhaps the last genre of music that anybody would guess me doing a SoftD in, but I heard it on my iPod, and I can’t get it out of my head. This short-lived New Age duo made something so quintessential ’80s and funny that it didn’t seem fair not to relish in its campiness. The story is kind of funny, especially featuring a Lola(!) and the synths are full-on, but the kicker is the chorus. It’s so rhythmically perfect. A. E. I. O. U. Some. Times. Y. I think the video cuts off part of the song, but you can email Pinko and he’ll give you the full version.

You Only Live Once-The Strokes

As much as you want to hate them. As much as they are over. Is conversely as much as they are awesome, unless you think they are awesome, then they still are. Outcome oriented opposite day. Get used to it. The all-occasions closing credit/outro song for your tasteful, yet short running television show/straight to video masterpiece. Fill in the black for pretentious analogies. At least Marc Hogan doesn’t write for this blog. Moron.

Bookshop Casanova-The Clientele

Song of the Day loves The Clientele. This a jaunty retro-pop uptempo jaunt through what feels like somebodies quiet corner of 60’s London. From their latest God Save The Clientele, another excellent song from one of my favorite current bands. Alasdair MacLean’s voice is a little bit of an acquired taste, but you MUST love the English a-gain (a-gaiyn) that always seems to come up in their songs. This is a really clean in-studio live performance, the only problem is that the guitar and drum are a little buried in the mix so it doesn’t quite feel as jaunty as it should.

Icky Thump-The White Stripes

I can’t wait for the White Stripes backlash. This will make it easier for me to piss you off. Consider this post the first of many “touch touch touch touch touch I’m touching you” (you: “don’t touch me. you’re on my side of the car”) in the backseat of the station wagon while our parents are dragging us to Craters of the Moon National Monument. I still like them and dedicated followers of fashion cannot dissuade me.