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Remeber Me Well – House of Freaks

This one’s a little long, but bear with me. Not too many people have heard of this band, but they formed in Richmond, VA in the mid ’80s, and released four full lengths and an EP before they were through. The band consisted of just two guys, Bryan Harvey on guitar and vocals, and Johnny Hott on drums. They were signed by Rhino records after an A&R guy saw them live and couldn’t believe the sound created by just two guys. They later formed the blues/rock band Gutterball with Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate and Stephen McCarthy of the Long Ryders. Gutterball released two albums. They were friends with fellow Richmond natives Dancing Hoods, which included a young Mark Linkous, who would later create Sparklehorse.

On New Year’s Day, Bryan Harvey and his wife and two daughters, aged 9 and 4, were brutally murdered and left in the basement of their home near Richmond. They were discovered by Johnny Hott, who had gone to their home for a New Year’s cook-out. The supsects have been taken into custody, and it would appear that this was a random robbery/murder.

[I saw this story and had no idea about the back story, thank goodness they caught the guys- Pinko]

House of Freaks was a band that I first got into because when I was young and impressionable, my brother used to play their debut album, Monkey on a Chain Gang. This was probably 1986 or 1987 when I was in about sixth or seventh grade. As a result, they’ve always sort of held a special place for me. This was right when I was starting to discover music that wasn’t played on mainstream radio for the first time, and to this day, they’re still one of my favorite bands.

I was going to write about the song “White Folks Blood” which appears on their second album, Tantilla. It’s probably my favorite HOF song. It’s a song, like many of their songs, about the south and its connection to pre-Civil War Southern traditions, including slavery:

~Dusting off their fathers’ guns
Words like worms crawl through their brains
Sermons fly from a preacher’s mouth
But the auction block still remains
Gagged and tied to a tree trunk
After a fox hunt chase with dogs and chains
In a field of white in the broad daylight
The earth was black, black with blood~

But ultimately I chose “Remember Me Well”. It’s the last track off of their third full length Cakewalk, which is probably their most professional sounding album, and least commercial of their first three. It’s more or less a spiritual that begins with Harvey strumming his acoustic and singing the first two verses more or less alone. After a brief interlude, the drums and some backing wind instruments kick in quietly. A clarinet solo separates the fourth verse from the fifth, which kicks up the volume as the full backing complement joins in. It’s the type of song you’d expect to hear somwhere in old New Orleans. But mostly, it encourages us to do what Harvey asked, and remember him well.

~In a hundred years hence
With the worms I will dwell

When I’m gone from this world
Please remember me well

You can dance on my grave
You can ring out the bells
After all’s said and done
Just remember me well~

House of Freaks are more than just a band that I listened to. They’re a link to my youth and to my family and friends of that period. The senseless murder of Harvey and his family has taken a small part of that away. We’ll always have his music, though I suppose that’s small comfort to his family and friends. May Harvey, his wife, and their daughters rest in peace.

A little more over at my place.

That One Techno Song-You Know the One

This one goes out to Brad R. This is the song that they had on those ads for Gillette nee CMGI Field where his Pats play before it actually opened. The one with the crappy CGI showing all the amenities and crap. This song IS the Pats to me, and I know Brad must love it. You know how it goes. Ba-da-da-da-doo-doo Up shift Ba-da-da-da-doo-doo. I’m sure Brad’s pulse starts to race when he hears this song, even though he knows deep in his heart Tom Brady is a WINGNUT COBAG [Yosef made me write that]. I picture him at Our House East back o’ Northeastern, Bronson Arroyo’s sister on his lap, watching the Pats win another superbowl and then going out to flip some cars out in front of Taste of Asia on Huntington. Nice win today, B!

Canadian Boyfriend-All Girl Summer Fun Band

I think we know that this goes out to Adorable Girlfriend and her warm feelings for the Uncanny Canadian, whose writing at one time graced these very pages.

This ditty features several lines that must be ironic, given the state of the lemony condo, UC’s fixer-upper of an embassy on American soil. A not unejoyable toss-off from a band I have not really heard that I should listen to. This came on when I was listening to LA Seitz (from LA Seitz, natch) neighbor radio at Last-FM, my new favorite toy.

My only problem with the song is that is doesn’t express what I think we all feel, and that is the Canadian Curling Association is a cabal of blackguards and scoundrels.

Images of Heaven-Peter Godwin

So Pop Ren hooks me up with a song that has probably been in the back of my brain for a super long time, meaning I knew there was a particular song that I couldn’t remember, and this was that song. That’s twice in the last two weeks (the other was Adorable’s “Homeboy”). This song was going to be my secret weapon in the war against Gavin M., but it sprained a calf-muscle out of the gate and I pulled it for something more nefarious. I didn’t want to cause Gavin to retreat to his dark place, thinking of the dance floor blossoming of shy-Goth girl Samantha whatshername as he airdrummed his make believe Simmons electronic drum pads in his black jeans. Going home alone, like Morrissey said he would, he would cry into his pillow, thinking of this wistful modern rock masterpiece. Raising his meek voice in prayer to Dear Lord “why have you made me, Pinko Punko er Gavin M., such a cobag?” Only later would he find out that that sweet shy girl really had a crush on him, braces and all, but she was only waiting for him to ask her to dance to this very song, and since I didn’t, er Gavin didn’t, she married Bruce from Pittsburgh but treasured her TDK 60 minute mix tape of rare 12 inch singles that someone left her anonymously. Or at least that’s how this song makes it feel like it happened, and I wouldn’t want Gavin to revisit that bad place.

Irregardless*, a great song, legitimizing all possible derivations of the Flock of Seagulls flip [link to awesome Gavin post utilizing Flock of Seagulls here- thanks for tagging it with nothing relating to the band, save phonetically representing the synths on the track. Cobag].

*Lest Seitz think I used that “word”

UPDATE: VIDEO MAKES it cheezier than it is. It still is awesome. Gregor will attest. And Pop Ren. Thanks toGavin

Rip It Up-Orange Juice

Hand claps. Lazy jangle. Sub-Fantastic Voyage electro-bassy farts. If this song had an eensy bit more low-end, some rap dude could sample it for cash money. Richard X produced Annie’s “Chewing Gum” clearly has a squiggly antecedent in this booty boondoggle. Shades of Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” in some of the minor noodies. Intermittent Prince “banernernernerner” chinga ching (from outer space). Lackadaisical bandmembers bouncing to the tracks that had already been laid. Edwyn Collins soulfully lisping arch arch lyrics Franz Ferdinand probably heard when in their nappies. Sadly, No, I am not joking.

Update- here’s the vid so you can hear/see the genius:

23 Minutes in Brussels-Luna

Dean Wareham’s (formerly of slow-core heroes Galaxie 500) now sadly caput second band, Luna, never got the reverence they deserved. For several reasons, one being the cobag music press loves to inflate the legend of G500. The Wareham sound, slow and deliberate, and fuzzy with his G500 cohorts Damon and Naomi, became cleaner and more tasteful, refined as it were, and refined is never new. Well, the man should be a guitar hero, and middle period album Penthouse, whence this song comes, is full of his meandering sinuous leads, never noodling, always embroidering. I can only descibe this kid of guitar sound as finger tips rippling still water. Does that make sense, because that’s what it sounds like. His nasal vocal delivery will grow because the music is so good.

This song may also be an obscure reference to Suicide’s “23 Minutes Over Brussels”. Of course I drop that ref like I know something, but I don’t know shit. I was in the Amoeba over in the Haight the other day, and they were playing this amazing album, full of scary vocals and moody, noisy soundscapes and some weird shimmering Farfisa-type organ, sounding slightly like Clinic, except a million times creepier. I ask the clerk what they are playing as I usually do (and not to suck up, I only ask if I like it, I think record clerks are usually totally awesome and helpful and only sometimes snobby, but when they are snobby I want to yell at them. Somehow, they can make you feel like sh*t, they have some serious power, the record store clerks) and the lady went and checked, and said “Suicide, the first album- the self-titled one.”

I go look at the CD and see that it came out in the 70s and I was expecting it to have come out in 93 or something. And then I felt sad for myself. I always wanted an older brother or someone to share all these cool bands with me and expand my world view. My little sister is WAY more plugged in that I was, partly because of me, but now she has left me in the dust. Where were you pop renaissance? Where were you when I wanted to go to the Jesus and Mary Chain/Curve/Spiritualized show at St. Andrews? Where were you, Gavin M., with all your obscure art-scene crazy bands? Scratch that, I would have crapped myself at some of those Gavin shows. COMMENT PREDICTOR:

“I saw Suicide like 4 times at the CBGB, we opened for them one time.”

Posted by Gavin M. 3:24 am

It’ll End in Tears (I Won’t Cry)-The Lilac Time

Late 80’s retro-popsters (still in existence) led by Stephen “Tintin” Duffy, retro in sensibility but of a certain 80’s feel on this album, specifically the production on this album (& Love for All) courtesy of Ian Broudie. The sound presages Broudie’s band The Lightning Seeds and fits somewhat with Dream Academy as well, but more real instruments. We imagine this particular song in a lost John Hughes/Real Genius hybrid. The good guys are implementing their plan and this soundtracks the intervening “stuff happening” (welding, the illicit obtaining of materiel, shopping, observing the bad guys, working out) montage. In this case it would be awesome because the song is good, and the montage has not yet become a hackneyed CSI Miami total bullsh*it where people spin down a single tube at a time in some neon porn set laboratory. However, getting back to the Scooby gang of our film- the question- why will it end in tears? Does the plan fail? Are the tears the deserved retribution visited upon the vice-principal? The dumpchuck jock ex of the love interest? Or the drill sergeant of the camp for troubled youth? All I know is that the good guys are defiant, and they’re not gonna cry, especially not when converting the car into a convertible, blowtorch style.

Coax Me-Sloan

Canadian power pop dorks, essentially like a more esoteric and less menacing (and now) less shitty Weezer. No, scratch that. It’s hard to say, their first, Smeared is shoegazey and eclectic, including the Three Bulls! theme song “Underwhelmed”, a song which essentially prophesies the geeky college indie music/blogger, and the stunning “I Am the Cancer”. The second, Twice Removed was much less fuzzy, moving towards eclectic AM indie pop, and that is whence “Coax Me” comes. Non-sensical and punny, the lyrics seem written especially for Pinko Dorko’s benefit, as he tends to notice the snarky turn of phrase. They have three of those type songs off of this one, today’s song, “Penpals” and “Bells On” (the latter being the ultimate “I’m so sad I like this one girl but she doesn’t notice me, but I’m pathetic in a secretly empathetic way”). Here’s “Coax Me” (later in the week I’ll write up a recommended list from this band, who really only have one crappy album out of a bunch- their latest).

It all seemed to happen so fast
Will you ever believe the way he passed away
I saw his widow speak on her fortune
She was feelin’ pretty apathetic

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

If I drink concentrated OJ
Can I think Consolidated’s okay?
It’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans
Three cans of water perverts me

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

And after he died
By rights she’d have cried
I gave mine away
I gave mine away

I saw a widow’s peak on her forehead
It was full of lines and sinkers

Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me

Bonus lyrics: “Bells On”

While I’m at this funeral
You’re in New York
I’ve been dividing my grieving
You’re sleeping with a mutual friend

I dreamed that I kissed your mouth
And you thought about me
Over Christmas
Oh, you might know who I am
But I know who you are
Your heart is in your art
And mine’s in New York

I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve
You’re sleeping with a mutual friend
And I want to be with you again
And again
And again
I’ve thought about you a lot lately
So flash me your metal smile

I’m thinking about you
You’re thinking about
New York
Though to you your friend was hurt
To him I owe him money
Will you pay back the thirty dollars
That he thinks I owe him?
But I don’t owe him anything

If you had a funeral
I’d be there with bells on
La la la la la…

If I had a funeral
Would you even care?
Would you wear your silver dress?
Would you actually wear lipstick?
Would you lie upon my grave?
And be there with bells on
So you could ring me from this life?
From this life
From this life
So you could ring me from this life


I Should Be Allowed to Think-They Might Be Giants

I’m not too cool to admit that these guys were the first show I went to. They were on their Flood tour, Flood being an album of 2 minute nasal-dork pop gems (if you’re into that kind of thing). That’s pretty much how their first three albums were. The show was amazing because it was back when people went to shows to, you know, dance and have fun without beating the shit out of each other or just standing there nodding. It started to get pretty hit and miss after Apollo 18 (their fourth I believe), and this track comes from their next one, John Henry. I was also disillusioned by this band accidently seeing them twice on their John Henry tour. This is when you realize how much stage patter is canned and it is a horrible horrible moment. I’m sorry, but this track quotes Allen Ginsberg then drops the line “I saw the worst bands of my generation/applied in magic marker to drywall” and that is funny. I’m not sorry that you are annoyed. I swear this song also rips a riff from Toto’s Dune soundtrack, but I’m not nerd enough to know that for sure. Who’s gonna field that one for us?

Even if I don’t love TMBG, I can still think of 15 or so songs that entertain, including the geek-love anthem “She’s an Angel” which completely blew my mind hearing it for the first time at the Utah State Fairgrounds. Ah, good times.

I saw the best minds of my generation
Destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical
I should be allowed to glue my poster
I should be allowed to think

I should be allowed to glue my poster
I should be allowed to think
I should be allowed to think
I should be allowed to think
And I should be allowed to blurt the merest idea
If by random whim, one occurs to me
If necessary, leave paper stains on the grey utility pole

I saw the worst bands of my generation
applied by magic marker to dry wall
I should be allowed to shoot my mouth off
I should have a call in show

Positively Lost Me-The Rave Ups

You lost a lot when you lost me/
Six paperback books and a dying tree

From WOXY Vintage. Wow, some aggressively jangle pop goodness. I completely forgot about the existence of anything about this song- I knew it from way back and have not heard it for at least 10 years. Anyone remember this one? Oh crap, of course you do, you’ve seen Pretty in Pink, which I have not. The song is not on the soundtrack, though I’m told the band plays the song on film when “Duckie” tries to get into a club.

I am annoyed by the fact that I cannot buy it anywhere except New Wave hits of the 80’s Volume 12. I was hoping to find the vinyl, but I don’t want to turn into pitchperfect. It does really bother me that stuff can be out of print and that once it does it can just disappear. Obviously, there is a lot of crap out there, but this was a well-like tune, and it should be available. Here’s Trouser on it. I just love that jangly riff. And the “show Miss Piggy the waaaaaaaaaaaaay home.”

Gunning for the Buddha-Shriekback

We’re on the road to go gunning for the Buddha/we know his name and he mustn’t get away

For some reason this song got radio play from these English New Wavers’ Big Night Music set (in SLC, UT). You might remember their dance floor stomp “Nemesis” from Oil and Gold. Trouser Press bio here. This song is one of those jaunty tunes that sounds just different enough, and is different enough from what you’d expect from them (the pounding stomp and harsh scraggly chant of “Big black nemesis/parthenogenesis” from “Nemesis”), that you remember it. Comes across as an islandy travelogue of some guys quest to go gunning for the Buddha, whatever that means. I picture Inside Edition era Bill O’Reilly and his cameraman on the hunt down for an elusive story in a Duran Duran video. And then it has a couple of notes in the outro (is it steel drum? I don’t remember, my computer ate this song last time my hard drive got fried) that is the outro that you are pissed the DJ talks over. I really hate that. I’m guessing only pop ren, maybe Seitz know this song. I don’t know what made me think about it, I think Midnight Oil got me thinking about crazy bald frontmen. Does Shreikback have one of those?

A Seitz Video Extra Twofer

Today on the Alternative, the folks at VH-1 Classic provided us with a rare double. That’s right, two Australian ’80s videos in a row, one a relatively obscure track off a popular album, the other probably one of the more popular tracks off of a very obscure album.

First up was Midnight Oil‘s “Dreamworld”, Peter Garret’s polemic against coastal development in, I assume, his native country. This has actually long been one of my favorite Midnight Oil tunes. Nice hooks, solid melody, and as a bleeding heart liberal, the environmental protection theme resonated. As for the video, well, it’s essentially a bunch of shots of the band playing in coastal areas, with Garret performing some of his patented gesticulations. There are numerous shots of Australia’s lovely untouched Australian coasts, with hotels and industrial developments superimposed upon them, as if we couldn’t quite grasp the message from the lyrics. OK, Peter, we get it. The whole “last square mile of terra firma gaveled in the mail” bit was pretty easy to figure out. Then again, this was the MTV generation they were shooting for. Not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. This song is off of the Diesel and Dust LP, the first one I really remember hitting in the States, thanks to tracks like Beds are Burning and The Dead Heart. This one, in my opinion, was the best. [I totally agree, along with “Bullroarer”-Ed.]

Second up was the first single off of the first album from the obscure Australian power pop band, the Hoodoo Gurus. This was a band that my older brother used to listen to when I was too young and too uncool to listen to good music. Now that I’m older and just as uncool, I have a better handle on what’s good and what isn’t, but some of that old stuff still passess the test of time. The video in question, “I Want You Back” from the album Stone Age Romeos is the first of a trio of strong tracks that open that album, followed by “Tojo Never Made it to Darwin” and “Leilani”. This band, in my opinion, was really underappreciated on these shores. This is what the New Porographers would have sounded like 15-20 years ago, at least up through Magna Cum Louder.

Anyway, the video manages to be one of the few with even worse animation values than the first video mentioned in the post. Highlights include guitarist Brad Shepard playing a guitar solo/duet with a very poorly animated claymation dinosaur. Keep in mind that nothing in the song has anything to do with dinosaurs, nor, really, does anything on the album, except for the album cover, which still pretty inaccurate, as dinosaurs were all long dead by the time the stone age rolled around, unless you’re one of those wingnut “young earthers” who think that T-Rex (non-Marc Bolan division) was hanging with Adam and Eve in Eden. But still, there they are. All over this video. Dinosaurs as far as the eye can see, thanks to the magic of blue screen technology. It’s safe to say that ILM was not consulted for this video. The other hilight, as in all Hoodoo Gurus videos, is Dave Faulkner’s hair, of which I can’t find a good picture.

Sorry I haven’t done one of these in while, but I’m a lazy bastard. Also, I’m trying to maintain some product scarcity. [haha- not like we’re burning beds either- also we love “Bittersweet” by Hoodoo Gurus, from Mars Needs Guitars -Ed.]

If This Is A Plan-The Delgados

If you think this song is not awesome then I have a plan that involves waterboarding your Big Kat-eating muncher. Let us be serious for uno momento. The Delgados are a late and lamented Scottish pop band fronted by Emma and some guy, and her songs are awesome and people unfairly malign his songs, but his are awesome too, as evidenced by this stunner and show closer from their penultimate album Hate. They are two sides of the same coin and you should seek them out. All of their albums are superb, and I would recommend Hate as a great place to start. Hate being the album where they play with the full deal- strings and other delightful orchestration as it were.

Rainbow in the Dark-Dio

This is a joke. This can’t be Dio. The Dio I always assumed to be DIO (from t-shirts and what not) was the ultimate in total deviltry and beastliness, I mean, t-shirt-wise was up there with Slayer. This had to be totally heavy. None could be heavier. The man who replaced Ozzy in Sabbath had to be a TOTAL badass. He would probably have huge horns coming out of his head, artfully concealed under a rad hood, only to be thrown back with exploding pyrotechnics, slaughter of animal offerings and hordes of supplicant, lamenting hot babes.

“Rainbow in the Dark” tells me I was played by some t-shirt marketing geniuses. Oh, Lord, was I mistaken. None of the above is remotely suggested by this song. Instead, Meat Loaf with a unicorn figurine collection is conjured vision. Is that so lame, it is actually bad ass???

UPDATE: I just say “Only a Mystery” by Dio on VH1 Classic. My fears above were not fearful enough. -20 hit points, dude


Here it is: Rainbow in the Dark

Prophecies of the Great Apocalypse-Dimmu Borgir

OK, I admit that photo’s kind of creepy


While recording with a symphony orchestra is the ultimate in Spinal Crapitude, it does not make a “Black Metal” band’s music sound heavier, in fact adding orchestration that sounds like incidental music from A Very Harry Potter Christmas diminishes any and all chances of heaviness. For example “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” from Norway’s Dimmu Borgir’s Death Cult Armageddon sounds like John Williams and Danny Elfman getting together to cash in one last time to buy the world’s largest pile of cocaine. And their route to Mt. Snowplow is to stroke the ego of a psychotic, Bach-loving, dungeons and dragons enthusiast with the idea of enslaving dumbed-down Dream Theatre metal goo, the cheesewad harmonies of System of a Down, minus the politics, and some paint-by-numbers scary sounding lyrics. Robert Plant singing about his nutsack is a million times heavier. We urge you to listen to this tune here. The band kindly provides a streaming sample of this, might as well crank it up work, if you are seeking new employment.


We are taking requests. No Death Metal. Cheese metal, prog metal, cobag metal all OK. Don’t abuse your privileges. In comments please. We shall commence tomorrow.

I Hate Scotland-ballboy

ballboy have that seemingly so Scottish kind of earnest smart ass routine. They have the awesome Scotch accent, and they can be humorous, but this spoken word electric guitar whistful contemplation of life, Scotland, how people are, and a white t-shirt, and a pair of shorts and jumping into a pool just hit you right there. A completely surreal yet real meditation on reality. Like Three Bulls!, except funny, sad and oh yeah, accomplished. This is available somewhere on the internets for download and is off their ineptly name (not somuch as lacking ept but lacking apt) Club Anthems.

I Believe in You-Sinead O’Connor


Married somewheres around Oct. 1, we look forward to him getting back on the Three Bulls! train.

Three Bulls! dedicates the most romantic song we can think of to him and his bride. Originally sung by Bob Dylan, presumably about the big JC (from born again era Slow Train Coming), Ms. O’Connor just breaks your heart in two with a completely committed ode to her beloved, perhaps the same as Bob’s, perhaps merely her mortal sweetheart. A B-side on the Fire in Babylon CD single. An absolute must. Three Bulls! plays this song when hiring henchmen, if they are moved, they clearly have hearts, and since the job description most certainly says “heartless” they are right out.

For Real-Okkervil River

OK, these kids have an eensy bit of an “emo” feel, whatever that means. It sounds like he’s singing incredibly earnestly. What gets you is that the lyrics are odd, off-kilter, “Shins-ian” but with a sinister quality of despair or darkness instead of whimsy. The song is quite clean, so you hang on his words. And you actually want him to start screaming because you are caught up in whatever his deal is, and it actually feels good. Available for your listening here. And of course the electric piano.

UPDATE- cool animated vid-

Seitz Video Extra – “When She Begins” – Social Distortion

So Pinko gave me a key, inspired by this post on my own small piece of internet real estate, and since today was the first showing of VH-1’s “The Alternative” since that momentous occasion, I thought I’d break the ice. It’s a long one today, but as I’m “into the whole brevity thing”, I’ll try to keep them shorter in the future. I’d explain how this is going to work, but I a) havent’ really figured it how I want to do it yet, and b) wasn’t given instructions. So I’m on my own, and you all get to live with the results.

Today’s episode was a bit on the weak side for my tastes. Rest assured, we had a Style Council video. Can’t let a show go by without Paul Weller. There were the weekly appearances by Fishbone, Peter Murphy, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. As much as love JAMC, I’d appreciate something other than videos off Psychocandy once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great album, but throw me some Honey’s Dead once in a while. Maybe even a little Automatic. A guy like me really appreciates the occasional showing of Blues From a Gun.

I chose today’s video not because of it’s cinematic brilliance, but rather because it was a weak show overall, and I’ve always really liked this song. I’ll be honest, I could have sworn this album, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, came out a long time after their self titled album, but apparently it was only a couple of years. I guess it just seems like it took them a long time considering both albums are pretty much full of the same song.

The setting is the Hollywood Palladium, where the band is playing a sold out show. The band is rocking, the crowd is rolling, and outside, on a surprisingly empty Sunset Blvd., a lone rockabilly chick (who, admittedly, is quite the spicy little number) stands outside with a rose, presumably to give to Mike Ness if she can talk her way past security. One wonders, if she’s such a big fan, why didn’t she just buy a freaking ticket? Cut to the crowd surfing fans, the inked up Ness, and back to our poor soul, who keeps on knockin’, but can’t get in. Just an aside, I saw these guys once at the Sun God Festival at UCSD around 1997 or so, and I don’t remember any crowd surfing. Anyway, the big mean security guards keep shuttin’ the door on her, and for some reason, they never think to offer her entrance in return for a blow job. More band shots, more mean security guards. Surely, you’re thinking, this must end happily. Someway she’ll sneak in and hand her flower to Ness, both literally and figuratively. Well, it does end happily…for Ness, who likely would have subjected himself to all sorts of communicable diseases, not to mention sloppy seconds, had the girl been allowed backstage. The girl is denied entrance, and moseys down the walk of fame, dropping her Rose on a star that probably has some significance, but frankly, I couldn’t read it. Seriously, I went frame by frame on a 50″ wide screen TV and couldn’t make out the name.

I should probably rate this video on some sort of scale with a funny measurement device, like “I give it two meatballs” or something, but I’m not funny enough to think of a unit, so feel free to make suggestions. Videos seen but not reviewed from this episode include Pere Ubu’s “Waiting for Mary”, Ween’s “Push th’ Little Daisies”, the Thompson Twins’ “King For a Day”, and Tom Verlaine’s “Town Called Walker”.

[Ed. -did they show this video?]