Monthly Archive for February, 2006

Hand in Glove-The Smiths

Steven Patrick Morrissey’s power as master of your soul stems from his ability to simultaneously inhabit and eviscerate the characters he portrays.  And of course they are characters.  Possibly a sociopath, he simply must be mimicking a deeply empathetic ability because the pathetic and sadsack corpses he leaves in his pompadored wake.  I love the guy, but at a safe distance.  The genius of this particular track is the directness, the forcefulness, the veritable mind-meld between the entire band, almost the entire band including guitar behaving as rythym section, the true lead being Marr’s intro and outro harmonica and Morrissey’s “hand in glove/the sun shines out of our behinds/no it’s not like any other love/this one is different because it’s us.”  So true.