Monthly Archive for October, 2006

I See You Baby (Shaking that Ass)-Groove Armada

I’m not proud to admit that I used to kind of be enthralled with this video, but the song is still awesome. I don’t care how annoying it is. Sometimes you just need some Booty Shakewagon. Is there any club in the world like that that would let any of us in? Er I mean let me in? Answer: No. Time for Chuckles and Fulsome Star Trek marathon.

Supernaut-1000 Homo DJ’s

I know this is a repee, but somebody finally posted some animation vid of a Ministry live version of this Al Jourgensen side project, and. and nothing. Time to rock dog it with a riff that sounds like molten bagpipes shooting shrapnel indiscriminately.

Got no religion, don’t need no friends
Got all I want and I don’t need to pretend
Don’t try to reach me, cause I’d tear up your mind
I’ve seen the future and I’ve left it behind

Word to the emus.

Cold Brains-Beck

From Mutations, a neither here nor there album, but this is part of the one-two punch with “Nobody’s Fault But My Own,” one of Beck’s masterpieces. Somehow it is fine for Beck to be weird, but when he is institutionally weird (Scientology) that is odd. I think we give more individualistic weirdness a pass under the heading of “free spirit.” Chill out, Sciencies, I hate Xenu as much as the next guy, and I love Beck sometimes.

Out of Hand-Mighty Lemon Drops

I never heard their songs that made them sound like Echo and the Bunnymen. Is this one of them? I don’t think so. The video seems a lil’ creepy when I watched it just now with the sound off. I think I had this on a Sire Records “Just Say…” Sampler. Ah, memories. The tune is still good enough for the kids to make anime/world of warcraft mashups to go with it.

April Fools-Rufus Wainwright

Rufus W. Superhero who’s powers are nothing in the face of destiny, the destiny of famous opera leading ladies for death, death, death. A killer, effortless voice, his first single eschews the more melodramatic piano balladeer aspects of his sound for a whimsical pop masterpiece. I literally do not know what the rest of the album sounds like because I just listen to this song. Perhaps the philistines among us might be taken aback by a dude singing about another dude, but I would be more than happy for RW to compose and perform the 3B theme song. If he can get Cio-Cio San into a song and video that effortlessly, I’m certain he could fit emus, chundermuffins and cobags in. We’ll let teh l4m3 be the hero.


So the waitress in the diner is Gwen Stefani, but the red-head who I knew I recognized- Melissa Auf Der Mar (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins)

Silent Sigh-Badly Drawn Boy

Possibly a song that could strike one as infinitely sad, or mysteriously romantic, or perhaps overwrought. From the About a Boy soundtrack, Damon Gough seems to channel a 70s-ish Lennon with a splash of white soul. Sometimes the song sounds vulnerable, other times too smooth. Of course, no that I think about the little ducky, I find it infinitely sad, even if it comes across as Beck’s Debra (on Qualuudes) if you hate the breathy intro. Anyway, the heart of the duck’s soul gets eaten out, and I am saddened.

Metal Guru-T. Rex

I find Marc Bolan very creepy in this clip. I fairly shocked their weren’t 200 anime/video game weirdofests on You Tube. T. Rex has that glammy dark side of bubble-gum sound. Usually their riffs just kind of slither, like in “Bang a Gong,” that is a slithery snake mating dance of a riff. This song is a little different, more about Bolan looking like a more cherubic Alice Cooper, but not an act.

New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)-Simple Minds

I always felt this song was kind of New Wavy, but restrained, kind of in a nether world before Simple Minds got all huge. Like you don’t really know what its all about, but maybe it would work in a John Hughes movie somewhere. I liked the tune a lot, but here in this live performance it kind of comes across as coked-out sleaze disco rock. I am actually pretty surprised that the synths weren’t looped or anything. The song comes out kind of messy, but still OK.

What Can You Do For Me-Utah Saints

LOOK AT THE DJ GODCREATURES PERFECTING THEIR ART. Totally cheesedog. First of all, what the hell are they doing? Second of all, awesome. I bet Pop Renaissance watched for HOURS trying to pick up cool DJ moves. Just kidding he would have karate chopped their asses. I used to just trip out so crazy. Actually I didn’t, but it was always funny to hear someone yelling “UTAH SAINTS UTAH SAINTS UTAH SAINTS!!!!!!!” on the radio.

Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III-Cornershop

Sure it’s a little Spin Doctory. Sure they borrowed a chunketylish riffyraff from Teh SWEET’s “Fox on the Run.” Sure the bando plays Led Zeppo in the vid. Too bad its your Song of the Day. You just ate it!

Me likey tho’.

Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III
Sheepskin shoes tend to run the industry
Lesson 2. Cop the groove
Lesson 3 is to ignore 4.
Round 5 going into 6
I understand guns in the A&R office
7. we’re cooking with Amitabh Bachchan
8. it’s a real heavy weight
9. we’re rocking New York time
10×10 It’s like St. John said

The overgrown Supershit (2x)

Fox on the Run-The Sweet


Like ELO and Queen and the Rockford Files all in one tasty Hot Pocket of awesomeness. Let’s just say you could kiss that one button on the 8-track gah-bye. This song would make the dentist a good time. Everybody should love this song. Even total cobags. And I just realized who Cornershop stole a particular riff from. That song tomorrow.

We Drink on the Job – Earlimart

Selected more because it’s the only Earlimart video on Youtube than because it’s their best song, this comes from Earlimart’s third album, and the first full length on Palm Everyone Down Here, released in 2003. They’ve since released Treble and Tremble (you can stream it here), which I think is a better album, but whatever. This was the first album with Aaron Espinoza on vocals, and while he doesn’t posess the most powerful voice, he grows on you after a while. There’s a vulnerability in his delivery that really works.

This is one of those bands that’s really a treat to see live (see previous live reviews here and here), mostly because they’re MUCH louder, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Espinoza has a real knack for finding just the right ambient noise to pipe in at just the right time. This is especially evident on ‘All They Ever Do is Talk’ and ‘Heaven Adores You’. But be forewarned, Treble and Tremble sounds like a full on homage to their friend Eliot Smith (so those of you with Smith sensitivities may want to keep some Kleenex nearby). They’re also great live because they’ve got Arriana Murray, who’s really attractive in that “not hot, but has something that make me not want to look away” sort of way.

Treble and Tremble
also features “Broke the Furniture”, which has a distinct country feel to it. Ever notice how bands that aren’t country acts seem to be able to write better country songs than actual country acts? I’m thinking of “Gone for Good” by the Shins here, too. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, enjoy “We Drink on the Job”.

It’s My Life-The Animals

This is the one I’ve been waiting for on You Tube. I think this is my fave Animals tune- a perfect distillation of their everything. I’m going to consider that the song is not as misogynistic as the set designer for this live clip. Jesus H. Chunderwagon on a triscuit- let’s put the Go-Go dancers as trophies on a hunting lodge wall! Those birds, always bringing Eric Burdon down! I would prefer to think that EB is really telling “The Man” to kiss off. Also, someone says he kind of forgets the words in this performance. I call it garage only because all the garage bands in the world kind of wanted to be the Animals. Luckily there’s not a backing tape that kept going all Ashlee Simpson on him. Twerpy little Eric Burdon could still eat Taylor Hicks like he was a tiny little oyster cracker.

Blues From A Gun-The Jesus and Mary Chain

Yes Automatic was maligned, perhaps it was too uniform, perhaps too well-oiled. But none of that matters now because when people like to make noise these day it’s some wierd Mogwai/Sigur Ros space hybrid with exploding asteroids and icebergs calving from glaciers. Yawn. How ’bout four minutes of grinderoo and insincere blow offs of finely sculpted Robert Smith mop-tops. Perfect soundtrack for your demolition derby video starring disaffected 80s revivalist hipster teen.