Monthly Archive for February, 2007

Same Old Drag – Apples in Stereo

Just saw these guys at Subterranean in Chicago, which is actually above ground. This is from the new album “New Magnetic Wonder” which was just released a couple of weeks ago. You can stream it at their website. It’s probably their best album, for my taste, since Tone Soul Evolution. I also think it’s kinda cool that they have some songs with Hilary Sidney on lead vocals, despite the fact that she’s not really in the band anymore, and she and Schneider are divorced.

I know you’ll be surprised, but Robert Schneider goes for a real departure here by using “ba-ba” style backing vocals and Beach Boys style harmonies. But I kid Robert Schneider. Also, there’s kind of a cool vocoder dealie on the album that isn’t on the video (it’s technically the next track, but it’s like thirty seconds long). Interestingly enough, the album is chock full of vocoder, but they didn’t use one in concert. Go figure. I was, however, impressed with their ability to re-create the feel of the backing vocals in concert. Usually the mics are all messed up and they don’t come through.

Anyway, enjoy.

Eyes Are at the Billions-Cortney Tidwell

Your mind has just been blown by the Uncanny Canadian. Pitchfork gets their death sentence commuted for infinity for allowing this awesomeness to permeate your eardrum. This song will change your life. No it won’t, but it should, with it’s almost Sundays-ish intro, followed by a hazy fuzzy concussion bomb. You will become instantaneously and inexplicably sad when you hear it.

The song is supposed to be right here:

If not, go here.

Back to the 101-Albert Hammond Jr.

Strokes guitarist replaces Julian’s world weary cooler-than-you inebriated processed voice with his own slightly similar, much more earnest voice over a patented Strokesy guitar pop lazy gem. It’s pretty good, and the video is decent too.

Black Grease-The Black Angels

Neo-psych garagey stoner jammies. Kind of have that dope-deal-gone-wrong widescreen final-scene vibe. This song is pretty good. From Austin, Texas.

Deceptacon-Le Tigre

It is hard for me to listen to the non-mashup-ed with Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” version. Not that they are that different. It is just that the Missy song goes great with this riot grrl total jam. TOTAL JAM. I said it.

Ride a White Horse-Goldfrapp

Allison Goldfrapp is kind of creepy. She usually plays various characters in her videos. This one is called “Zombie Suzanne Somers.” teh l4m3 will accuse us of bucking the heteronormative overlords, again with this video, but the dudes in tightys at the end, I don’t even think he’d go for them. I kind of like Goldfrapp.

Painted Moon-The Silencers

You might remember this from the Jon Cryer film Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home. Or not, heh. Scottish jangle poppers.

Ditch Digger-RFTC (Young Livers Bonus)

I bet these guys rocked your ass so hard in concert. First track was in the buzz bin on the MTV (remember that, oldies fogies?) It relaly should have been a monstrous hit. Here’s where Seitz says he’s either seen them 50 times or was never that into them. Super good.

Ditch Digger-Rocket From the Crypt

Young Livers-Rocket From the Crypt

Money City Maniacs-Sloan

Another Sloan song, the band a collection of Nova Scotia popsters. There is a time you start to like them and then you just do, and it is hard to really convince anyone why you do. I love them, but they don’t strike me as awesome. They do however give birth the the Three Bulls! mantra in this song. “If you admit that you were wrong, we’ll admit that we’re right.” Word.