Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Don’t Crash the Car Tonight – Mary’s Danish

Not sure why, but I’ve been on a big Mary’s Danish kick lately, and there is limited postable content on the net, so you get the classics. Other great tunes, if you can find them, are Julie’s Blanket, Killjoy, and O Lonely Soul…, which I’d post if I could, but thems the breaks.

Saw them at UCR during my freshman year. They played at the Barn somewhat regularly, which at the time had a sort of seedy bar feel, but apparently is now a “casual dining location“. At least it’s still there. Good place to see a show, or to drink before going to see a show at the Rec Center. I think Cracker played there a few times while I was in school. Dramarama as well.

I don’t what it is about female fronted rock acts, but they seem to deliver a ton of energy in their performances. Throwing Muses comes to mind, as do the Raveonettes, and the Peels. I would use a “see them live” tag, but they’ve been broken up for over ten years. Anyway, these guys were great, and they got totally scewed by their record company. I’m not lying, that’s a pretty interesting article if you have the time to read it. Enjoy:

Fantastic Voyage-Coolio

A little blast from the past. Besides the gat with the extra clip and the problematic snitch sitch (a lyric I hadn’t really noticed before), a relatively tame and upbeat tune. Just going to the beach, getting out of the shit for a sec.

Safari-The Breeders

I noticed that some DJ last month put the Breeder’s “Cannonball” into low level rotation on the crappy radio station around here. It made me think of this tune from an EP between the Breeder’s first two albums, Pod and Last Splash. Just a great song. Kim Deal was always like a drug in the Pixies that you wanted more of, and Breeders was a nice little rush. The bonus of this original incarnation of The Breeders was the underrated Tonya Donelly, previously of Throwing Muses and subsequently fronter of Belly. Good times!

Senses Working Overtime-XTC

This is one of those songs where I cannot wait for the chorus. I listen and think that maybe the song is not as good as I remembered in the beginning. But then the chorus etc. comes around and I realize how awesome it is. It is always hard to post about XTC because the XTC whackos come out of the woodwork ranting about Mel Schachter. They just cannot be rational about XTC. They get crazy and must be dealt with by horse tranquilizers.

Bros-Panda Bear

A reverb soaked Brian Wilson pastiche, and the only reason I didn’t just unleash a 30,000 word blood clot throwing diatribe on Three Bulls! I think that everyone needs to buy this album immediately. Even if you don’t like the Beach Boys or Brian Wilson, you will love this. I guarantee. Super fantastic A-triple plus.