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Only Love Can Break Your Heart-St. Etienne (Neil Young cover)

There is no more 90’s song than this. The definition of apathy, lazy noodling for half-assed dancing. Soulless yet somehow still awesome. Relentlessly repetitive, yet non-committal.

North by North-The Bats

Moody antipodean indie new wave of the strummy guitar variety. We picture certain transplanted New Zealanders walking the fields moodily with certain transplanted PupHs while the video inevitably crossfades to our band playing their song and back again. Of course this is import only, but spit it out at me yesterday, and it was pretty good.

Digital-Joy Division

This might not make anyone want to hug a puppy. It is spare, dark and jagged. Somewhat relentless for Joy Division, and it is always tough to watch someone before they killed themselves. A Joy Division/Ian Curtis bio-pic just debuted at Cannes. I certainly expect this song to feature, it is one of their many high points.

No. 1 Blind-Veruca Salt/Slow Dog (Video Mix)-Belly

More 90s bargain bin, until I can put up some of my new drug rock faves. Maybe plover will have something for us this week as well?

Not the lead off radio tracks of their respective albums, instead they were the songs that I preferred (out of the radio tracks). Veruca Salt always got badmouthed like they were ripping off “some other band.” Most likely it was because there is ever only so much room on radio for “chicks,” but never enough for whiny pro-tools emo choads. “No. 1 Blind” followed up “Seether”, which was a monsta for VS.

This is the holy grail of Belly tracks for me, not that it is my fave, but some radio stations played this video mix, which is not the same as the album version, and I prefer this one. “Slow Dog” followed up “Feed the Tree” and possibly “Gepetto”- Seitz will remember the order.

Belly-Slow Dog (Video mix)

Black Magic-Jarvis Cocker

Listen, sometimes somebody just craps out a song with a killer sample that does so well in the retro sense that you could almost convince yourself the person was actually covering a different, similar song to the one actually being sampled. I give you the retro glam of limony misanthrope Jarvis Cocker’s “Black Magic,” sampling “Crimson and Clover.” Over and over. A!

Jarvis Cocker – Black Magic – Live @ Astoria


[via FoxyTunes / Jarvis Cocker]

Modern Love – Last Town Chorus

Yep, it’s that Modern Love. Only this time, it’s slowed way down, and played by a really hot chick with a steel guitar. And she’s even prettier in person.

Last Town Chorus is pretty much Megan Hickey and whoever she happens to have playing with her at the time. She just finished a stint opening for Michael Penn (whom I saw tonight), but it’s my understanding that she’ll be on her own tour sometime next month, at least in select cities.

This is one of those weird covers in that, for it’s style, it stays fairly faithful to the original. It doesn’t get all weird or anything. Contrast that with Grant Lee Phillips’ cover of Wave of Mutilation, which isn’t really GLP style (all singer-songwritery), but more almost calypso, which actually really works for that song. Still, if you heard someone playing it, you’d probably do a double take after the first verse because it wouldn’t hit you right away. Unfortunately, the studio recording doesn’t really capture how overwhelming the steel guitar is in person.

This is really a plug more than anything, because not only was she pleasant to listen to, and pleasant to look at, and kinda funny, she was very nice in person. And she sold me her CD, and signed it for me, and chatted briefly. She’s my new ‘rock’ crush.

Everythings Gone Green (1981 Live)-New Order

This vid, leaving aside its remarkable quality, makes Kraftwerk, Devo, any other robot bands really look like undisciplined, emotional Klingons compared to the icy disaffected inability to play their instruments creepy wonder bread of this standout early New Order track. Kind of like punk anti-punk. Really good.

plover adds:

From the same concert: “Ceremony”, then “Truth”

We Used To Vacation & Hang Me Up To Dry – Cold War Kids

Jesus freaks. Bible thumpers. Hell maybe they are. I mean, they did go to Biola, and most people I know who went to Biola were a little too God-happy for my tastes. And “We Used to Vacation” is a bit of an ode to tee-totaling. But I like to drink like nobody’s business and I still think it’s a pretty good song. They seem pretty normal in interviews. And quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about it if not for Marc Hogan, and he’s kind of a dick.

A little Spoony, though the Nathan Willet doesn’t exactly sound like Britt Daniel. Personally, I prefer the second tune to the first, even it it is about laundry.

By the way, I find it strange that there’s a “120 Minutes” tag on the screen in the first video. The album came out in 2006. Hasn’t 120 minutes been dead for like three years?

[P. Punko adds- these guys were get the half-assed push on the second tune for about 5 minutes on the radio here. He sounds like he’s on the edge of completely losing it, which is kind of a balancing act]

1 2 3 4-Feist

I love this song and the seemingly-single long take video equally. I can’t explain it. It makes me less unhappy to see and hear it. The only annoying thing, the dancers seem costumed in American Apparel 70’s generic cheap-ass chic. Blech.

plover says:

I’m afraid I must retaliate for this post:

Icky Thump-The White Stripes

I can’t wait for the White Stripes backlash. This will make it easier for me to piss you off. Consider this post the first of many “touch touch touch touch touch I’m touching you” (you: “don’t touch me. you’re on my side of the car”) in the backseat of the station wagon while our parents are dragging us to Craters of the Moon National Monument. I still like them and dedicated followers of fashion cannot dissuade me.

Sharky’s Day – Laurie Anderson

Deep in the heart
Of darkest America
Home of the brave
Hah hAh Haaah
You’ve already paid for this Listen to my heart beat

One of those utterly necessary recordings (the original anyway, the video edit is rather truncated and feels somewhat choppy). All the details are pieced together, large and small, from the *pwhict* as the sun comes up over the grocery store to Adrian Belew’s landscape gone to seed. (In an interview, Anderson said something to the effect that Belew wasn’t playing a guitar, “I think it’s some sort of animal”.)

I don’t think I’m likely to say anything coherent here, this one is too much in my bloodstream.

Weapon of Choice-B.R.M.C.

I didn’t realize these guys had a new one coming out. First two albums were driving fuzzy droney attacks, a la Jesus and Mary Chain+Love and Rockets via a Dandy Warhols psych wall of sound. Last one was a stripped down affair that I kind of skipped. This one is supposedly more straight forward and plugged in. This song is OK, but for some reason I am a little bit excited for the album. I assume Seitz will give us a report.

Sorry Again-Velocity Girl

I think it is funny that Seitz posted an obscure ol’ early 90s indie pop tune yesterday, because that is what I had in mind with the random Velocity Girl tune that popped into my head. One of those great “kiss off” songs. The gist of it: “yeah we said some stuff about sticking together, but oops, I was wrong, suit me. What can I do but say “sorry” (with the implied “but, still, kiss off”)?

Good times. I remember the album being maybe OK (1994’s Simpatico), it was on Sub Pop, but really only had a couple killer songs.