Monthly Archive for June, 2007

Stay-Oingo Boingo

Maybe you have to grow up in this era to even find this song listenable. Of course the video tries way to hard to make the song unwatchable. I always felt Oingo Boingo were kind of crapped on by a lot of people. I think they were always a California thing. I am getting deja vu, perhaps I have already done this song. This song reminds me of driving around late at night in high school. I think blue girl might like it for some reason, although she’s probably never heard of Oingo Boingo.

Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot

Do I need to even explain myself on this one? I imagine Gordon Lightfoot squaring off against Bon Scott in hell, but with the tiniest most imperceptible shrug of his Canadian shoulders, Bon Scott explodes, defeated by Gordo. Then Satan bows his head in shame.

All You Need Is Hate-Delgados

Before the skinheads rock the place, this song is sarcastic. The sorely missed Delgados, from their excellent and completely wonderful Hate. Emma Pollock I believe has a solo album on the way (she sings on many of their other songs). I just can’t believe how amazing they were to see live in front of about 50 people. The show got moved at the last minute and it wasn’t quite clear where it would be moved to, and then it was in the middle of nowhere.

Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker

This is the video version, which I believe is clipped of a couple of verses. Just some David Lowery (Camper van Beethoven) and friends country-indie-rock romp around Europe. For whatever reason I remembered this the other day. A good un. I kind of feel that Cracker were always underrated. They always seemed to have the songs and just kind of do their own thing.

Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker (Single Edit)

Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker (live full version)

When I Go Deaf (Live)-Low

Slow. Sad. Pretty. Quiet. I CRUNCHA YA FACE GUITAR!!!!!! Low are generally amazing. They seemed to break a little with Things We Lost in the Fire, an excellent album from some years ago. Their follow-up was meh, but this followed up that and it is wonderful. I would like to hear this live, because you kind of expect to feel the sound. One of my fave guitar solos ever. They are usually described as “slow-core”- mellow, dirge-like, generally beautiful and intense songs in some time that is impossible to determine because it is glacier-like in its slowness and its core-ness. Reference point would be Galaxie 500 (they shared a producer).

Baby Hold On-The Grass Roots

Well, You Tube let me down on this bad boy. They didn’t have it. No matter. Consider this the shot that started the next You Tube war. Like the defenestration of Prague, the internet will soon be destroyed in a wave of AWESOME. Oh, “Baby Hold On” sounds just like “Midnight Confessions” with the chorus stolen from the Box Tops “The Letter” and all other Grass Roots tunes.

Midnight Confessions-The Grass Roots

Also, suck it Editors!


This song I guess has been doing the ol’ rounds of the indie rock crowd. Sort of a straight-ahead Thom Yorke meets Fleetwood Mac, not in a bad way. I like it quite a bit. The album is Van Occupanther and many of the songs have vids on You Tube. I picked it up on eMusic. A very listenable album.

Sin City-AC/DC

First through third of all, Angus Young is totally insane. Fourth and Sixth, Bon Scott looks like an odd cross between Luke Wilson and maybe Charles Manson (the eyes?). Fifth, this song is total bar rock, and it doesn’t even waste its time being the usual AC/DC sleazy. The kind that makes you actually consider banging your head, the riffs aren’t really just guitar- they’re more like blunt force shots to the gut. The older I get, the more I relish old, old AC/DC when it comes on the wiener rock station. From 1978’s Powerage I believe. Bon doesn’t really rock the mic, but his second hand Freddie Mercury moves are more than enough because Angus is a buzzsaw up there on stage. Yikes. Angus looked 40 when he was 20 and he probably looks a billion when he’s a million. As discussed previously, the guy just craps awesome chunky rock riffs. This may make me uncool. Good! Eat the DC, cobags!

Testament to Youth In Verse-The New Pornographers

Many people will not like this song because of Dan Bejar’s voice, which I guess I can understand, but Geenie C. hates if for a different reason, the reason most people think that this song is altogether excellent. She hates the fact that the bells, they ring, and that they ring no no no no no no no no no no, and they do so in a like million part round. Here’s Geenie C.- “I GET IT. The bells FRACKING go NO NO NO NO NO. MOVE ON.” Wow, super harsh. Anyway, the last minute is great, and GC will freak her shit out if she watchs this because it is a random Harry Potter fanvid from You Tube! Hee hee. The point is the song and the very negative yet awesome bells. Listen for the delightful Neko Case and her wonderful voice going “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” at the end like the coolest, most refreshing drink of water imaginable.

Alec Eiffel-The Pixies

From their most underrated album Trompe le Monde, an album which I like quite a bit, we have this small trifle to an “Alec Eiffel”- Alexander Gustave of tower fame. What gets you is the revolving coda that just kind of swirls about with some Kim Deal backup vocal goodness. Third radio track off the 1991 album, after the pretty good “Letter to Memphis” (Egypt I think) and the meh “Planet of Sound”. You might remember their cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Head On” from this album.

Bookshop Casanova-The Clientele

Song of the Day loves The Clientele. This a jaunty retro-pop uptempo jaunt through what feels like somebodies quiet corner of 60’s London. From their latest God Save The Clientele, another excellent song from one of my favorite current bands. Alasdair MacLean’s voice is a little bit of an acquired taste, but you MUST love the English a-gain (a-gaiyn) that always seems to come up in their songs. This is a really clean in-studio live performance, the only problem is that the guitar and drum are a little buried in the mix so it doesn’t quite feel as jaunty as it should.

Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun – M83

Cuz your lyin on this hillside at the end of the movie and it’s like the last green hillside around because the nanobots excaped from Glenn Reynold’s sinuses and made stuff all infected and melty y’know but then you like saved the Earth cuz yur all in tune with like Gaia force or somethin and you like speeded up evolution of numatoads and dopypods to combat the nanoboogers and even a few humans survived includin you (cuz the ending where you sacrificed yourself by throwing yourself into the tide of nanogoo like totally bummed the focus group) and now there’s like all these helicopter shots of you lyin on this hill with the all chorus-y music goin real loud.

You know — like that.