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Why She Swallows Bullets And Stones – Esmerine

Post rock chamber music — akin to Rachel’s. Esmerine is one of the horde of side projects by members of Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Get your piano/cello minimalist (somewhat brooding) bliss out on.

(Note: video not work safe, though the song is)

Insomnia – Electric President

This song popped out of It’s got a Postal Service-y kind of goodness going on. (Or are we in a Postal Service backlash epoch? Even if we were I think everyone still would secretly like “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”.) It’s also true that this track is the kind of thing that I can’t tell after just a couple of listens whether I’ll later find it to have the creeping mehs. Except for the ending — which is definitely cool.

Your Postal Service bonus track (a more than adequate home made video for “District”, embedding was disabled)

Ask Me Anthing-The Strokes

One more from their underrated third. And a really cool user-created You Tube vid. She’s painting and cleaning her house, and yet it is wonderful. Why isn’t this song beloved?

Lightning Blue Eyes – The Secret Machines

Remember The Secret Machines? We kinda do, although it has been a while since we anybody made much a fuss about them. I mean besides us. Anyway, their last CD, Ten Silver Drops, has been out for well over a year, and it never really got its fair accolades. This is probably the most addictive and recognisable track from the CD. It also sounds the most like the best songs on Now Here is Nowhere, but better than any single track on that CD. Featuring the impossibly growing driving beat and singalongable harmonizations, I can’t get this song out of my head. Not only do I not want it to end, but when it eventually does, I keep it going on the inside. The lyrics are kind of neat as well. There is some wordplay on blinding/lightning and songs about blue eyes are almost always destined to be classic. Every instrument is perfect. There is even a lovely canon embedded in the 2nd refrain. Something for everyone, really. If anyone hears of a 40 minute remix of this song, please let me know ASAP.

The video (since I am an embedding null)


All Through The Night-Escort

Admit it, you wanted the Lauper jam. Anyhow, we did steal this from P-fork, but luckily their ironic hipster love of Muppetry in all its forms coincides with our genuine love. Shake your juicy butt, Senator Brownback, you can’t stop the beat! The editing is really very good on this, and we love Janice on bass!

Turn On Me-The Shins

My music budget is such that if I can’t get something with my monthly eMusic allowance, I need to wait. I don’t actively seek out things on my waiting list, because there are some albums I want to enjoy first time through in the clubhouse on the old speakers just fresh and shiny and new and looking at the packaging. So I finally got around to Wincing the Night Away by indie player haterin’ magnets The Shins. This version from the Dave show is quite good, although the album version has an eensy bit more reverb on his voice. I cannot recommend the album enough. Listening to “Turn On Me” had the same feeling as listening to Oh Inverted World for the first time. Not life changing, choadmunches. Just great.

If You’re Into It – Flight of the Conchords

It’s questionable whether this meets the high standards of SOTD since it’s really kind of a parody song, and part of a larger television series. But gosh darnit if this isn’t the funniest damn show currently on television, I don’t know what is. And conveniently, HBO is making all of the episodes available on line, so you really have no reason not to watch, unless you’re completely humorless. These guys are kind of like Tenacious D, only funny, and from New Zealand.

I’ve now watched this video about 15 times.

You Only Live Once-The Strokes

As much as you want to hate them. As much as they are over. Is conversely as much as they are awesome, unless you think they are awesome, then they still are. Outcome oriented opposite day. Get used to it. The all-occasions closing credit/outro song for your tasteful, yet short running television show/straight to video masterpiece. Fill in the black for pretentious analogies. At least Marc Hogan doesn’t write for this blog. Moron.

No Joy In Mudville-Death Cab For Cutie

I originally posted this song way back. I came across an oddly affecting homemade You Tube video and thought I would share it. You can compare what I wrote about the song previously with your current own ears.

A great, great song.

Calling It Quits-Aimee Mann

A totally astounding and perfect song. From Bachelor No. 2. I will destroy this blog along with the entire world if I don’t get even one comment describing some sort of human reaction to this song, this means that Seitz claiming he does not like it is only 50% credit. I am out here every other day or every fifth or maybe every couple of weeks totally half-assing it for you, finding total pop GEMS that I have found through the labor of my friendship with UC, and I expect the tiniest amount of lip service. The song is SO GOOD and I want to share it with other life forms. Life forms that are not too lazy to click it!

Raise What’s Left Of The Flag & Screaming At The Wailing Wall – Flogging Molly

Ten pounds of Irish folk/punk in a five pound bag. If Shane McGowan were actually as dead as the press has long insisted he’s supposed to be, no doubt his shade would be looking on in whiskey-soaked approval.

Offical video for “Raise What’s Left Of The Flag”

Live version of “Raise What’s Left Of The Flag”

Fan video for “Screaming At The Wailing Wall” using a time-lapse sequence of the Wailing Wall combined with pretty graphic Iraq war footage.

Bonus track: “Kilburn High Road” – live. Sound quality here is a bit soggy, but this is probably my favorite tune by these folks.

Electric Avenue-Eddy Grant

Have we done this one before. I’m sorry to say that this song is super duper. I expect that when Blue Girl is not:

A) Motorin’


B) Not breaking her stride

she is taking it higher, etc.

A Quick One While He’s Away-The Who

Kind of wanky some might conclude, but total genius. To be honest, I’ve always thought The Who were fine, but the sound is always so clean it was hard for me to understand for what purpose this band was once “the loudest on Earth.” I heard a bootleg “Live at Fillmore East” on the radio and my mind was changed. To compare we have two versions of the epic “A Quick One While He’s Away.” Please note there are only three people playing instruments, and yet the band does not sound like Rush, they sound good. You might note a slight Beach Boys influence, yet instead of using a studio to create the different mini-vignettes within the opera, they just kind of happen.

Here’s the Who at Monterey Pop (awesome, very clean):

For comparison, though, here’s the same song live at the Fillmore East (1968), where you can sense how much more powerful they could be. Pete’s still playing super cleanly, but there is a muscularity there under the 60’s tone, he’s playing the Who’s sound, but it is more raw and crunchy. What is evident is how unbelievably well they performed. I mean Zep (whether you like them or not) could show flashes of awesome but I think it is clear they phoned it in sometimes.

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