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The Last Goodbye-Jeff Buckley (Kathleen in the house mix)

[a contribution from Kathleen, who is now currently our favorite]

We can all blame Sony for the delay in this SOTD, which I promised Pinko many weeks ago, due to the lack of You Tube video. Sony is hyper-vigilant about Jeff buckley, and everytime I found a decent video to craft a comment around, it was disappeared. So click on the mp3, and just be glad I didn’t embed the 5-minute single standing shot of the American flag as this song played.

So what can we say about The Last Goodbye? The best song on an album of best songs? a seemingly standard End-Of-Relationship rock ballad, that is given true depth by Buckley’s voice. A subtly sad song, but saved from maudlin by the rock music accompaniment. (and this is true, though you’ll have to take my word for it -DAMN YOU SONY – because I listened to a version JB sang on WHFS posted to you tube briefly, where he didn’t have the band backing him, just his guitar, and the song was lacking.)

There’s a lot out there written about Buckley. Pandora says: ‘Buckley’s voice was grand and sweeping, which fit with the mock-operatic grandeur of his Van Morrison-meets-Led Zepplin music.’ I’m not an IMS (tm Amanda Marcotte), and I have never been a LZ fan, so…. but that isn’t how I feel his music. To me, it’s real, and tragic, and hard, and stays in your soul.

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Nicole Atkins & the Sea – The Party’s Over

So the other night I found my new indie crush, and it’s probably not an exclusive thing seeing as how she was in an American Express commercial that was pretty widely circulated. But I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize that before she opened for the Raveonettes (who have a crush-worthy babe of their own).

Nicole Atkins is originally from Neptune, New Jersey, and despite having grown up a metal-head, she’s turned herself into quite the crooner, with a country/classical sounding voice that seems somewhat out of place, yet oddly perfect for the retro-pop that she’s made her calling card (no pun intended). The song selected is both the best song available on her myspace page (though Brooklyn is Burning is a close second), and the song used in the AMEX commercial.

Her style was a welcome lead-in the Raveonettes, who have found their own niche with 50s/60s style surf-rock/motown as delivered by the Jesus and Mary Chain/My Bloody Valentine (listen to Noisy Summer and you’ll be trying to drain the feedback from your skull for a week). It was an evening from another time, like the Rat Pack opening for Buddy Holly if he were joined on-stage by Dick Dale.

Her new album is due out later this month, and she’ll be on Letterman on the 30th. She’s also very easy to look at for a 40 minute set. I’ll be honest, this isn’t normally the type of stuff I go in for. It’s more my sister’s speed, but there’s something about it I’m really digging on. I’ll fully admit that after the formerly known as Mazarin and Simple Kid triumphs, I may be laying an egg on this one, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take. I just can’t get this song out of my head.

Here’s the AMEX ad if you want to know what she looks like (she was hotter in person)


I remember this from Friday Night Videos. I never heard it on the radio. The radio had already passed on Prince as a “5 tracks form the album get played” kind of guy. I mean “Kiss” was pretty big off of Parade but I really don’t think this got broad play. I always liked the funky cloud video. Certain just average Prince is still really good.