Monthly Archive for November, 2007


The clenched jaw sexy attack of baking competition intensity. It can only be Brando and TLB, rocking the foundations of baking contestation in a devil’s league with superstars of the stratosphere, The Power Station.

However, in their private baking time, in the inner sanctum, they will be slaughtering the competition with this unofficial selection. The definition of badass- PRIEST!!


Imagine the slo-m?sh tender moments of our You Tube cookie extravaganza and Phil bleeding his tender heart out. Phil’s heartblood is fueling these cookies. Take a look at me now-how, cuz there’s just an empty space– indeed. Here’s a kleenex for Kathleen. Gets me every time.

Bitches in Tokyo-Stars

A could be worse phonish style vid of my fave song from the interesting if slightly disappointing new Stars album, In Our Bedroom After the War. The song is great and has that feel of “it would be amazing if I were at the show”- a really good tune.

Rockford Files Theme

dEN is all over this tune. Seriously, the epitome of cool. James Garner rules your world.

The Sweater-Meryn Cadell

100% A+ for implementation and delivery. For what this song is, a spoken word retro-pastiche satire of heteronomative teen angst and the deep desire for conformity impressed upon impressionable youth. Also, for some reason Jeff Gannon reminded us way back about this tune, and now we can bring the you tuber.

On The Road Again-Canned Heat

Something about hippies playing blues with an otherworldly voiced lead singer is the ne pas ultra of creepy yet awesome. Extra creepy bonus points: the lead singer looks like ultra creepy dude I worked with one time named Francis, who kept a little black book in his back pocket to note instances where the world slighted him. I kind of thought of that book as his murder list.

Some Velvet Morning-Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra

Cool and entirely creepy. The Nutter just turned me onto a song that somehow I have missed. If you do not know, Lee Hazlewood passed this year and his voice resides in a smoky velveteen cave, smoother than Neil Diamond, more restrained, similar to latter day Ian McCulloch (Echo and the Bunnymen). The song is interesting in so many ways. Also note the complete lack of autotune. I would love to hear an Ian McCulloch/Camera Obscura cover of this tune.