Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Need Your Needs-Georgie James (Chuckles Guest Post)

Chuckwagon is very awesome in a large number of ways, some more recognizable outside the plumbing industry than others. In today’s awesome example, he provides some tunes:

Here is that song I mentioned in an email oh so long ago:

I have seen Georgie James a number of times now and they have played “Need Your Needs” every time. You can hear why, the song bounces along without ever slipping into radio-ready territory and is a perfect example of the Georgie James sound. “Cake Parade” is still my favorite and features more of Laura Burhenn’s vocal range, unfortunately the fidelity of the clip below is rather lower than you could hope:

I am not sure that they quite fit into that faux-sixties genre that Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura have created out and cohabitate, but I think it is only the Wurlitzer-or whatever-style keyboards that invoke that feeling. The entire album, Places, rotates heavily in my nightly music enjoyment. I have played it often and loud enough to annoy the neighbors but it has lost none of its charm. I recommend it to anyone.

DeVotchKa – How it ends

Apologies to any of you that know this song well from Little Miss Sunshine, but I totally forgot about it until I heard the song on WOXY today. Without making the connection, I was captured by the soaring and emotional vocals, reminiscent of a good Radiohead song, and beautiful keyboard, strings, and accordion arrangements, reminiscent of a great Arcade Fire song. This is an absolutely stunning and breathtaking song. DeVotchKa’s music has influences from Europe, especially gypsy music, and in this particular song, it adds just the right amount of flavour – a veritable musical condiment methinks. Even better, somebody has made a fan video using clips from one of the greatest TV shows these days, Lost. In fact, just thinking about the Lost season finale from last year with this music got me super teary.